Agenda and minutes

Planning Applications Committee
Wednesday, 16th January, 2019 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone. View directions

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Minutes - 5 December 2018 pdf icon PDF 73 KB


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2018 are correctly recorded and that they be signed by the Chairman.


Site Meetings and Other Meetings


(1)       The Committee agreed to hold a site visit at Oare Creek, Faversham on Wednesday, 20 February 2019.


(2)       The Head of Planning Applications Group offered the opportunity for any Member who wished to attend a planned induction session for the purposes of receiving refresher training.


General Matters


The Head of Planning Applications Group informed the Committee of the publication of the Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019.  A copy of the Strategy and its executive summary would be sent to all Members of the Committee.


Application DO/17/1244 (KCC/DO/0256/2017) - Development of a waste management facility at the former Tilmanstone Brickworks / Colliery, Pike Road, Eythorne; RH Ovenden Ltd pdf icon PDF 3 MB


(1)       Mr S C Manion was present for this item pursuant to Committee Procedure Rule 2.27 and spoke.


(2)       The Head of Planning Applications Group reported correspondence from the Local Member, Mr G Lymer in support of the application.  


(3)       RESOLVEDthatpermission be granted to the application subject tothe priorsatisfactory conclusionof alegalagreementtosecuretheHeadsof Termsset out inAppendix1 of the report and  to conditions, including conditions covering a maximumof 150 HGV movements (75 in / 75 out)perday; arecordof HGVmovementsperdaybeingmaintainedand madeavailableto KCC on request; theprovisionof asummaryof HGVmovementsperdaytoKCCon amonthly basis(untilsuch timeas KCCas theWastePlanningAuthorityagreesthatthis is no longernecessary); the provision of atraffic management plan (which   complements the traffic routeing arrangementintheSection 106 Agreementandincludes a complaints procedure); wheel and chassis/ road cleaningmeasures; appropriate sheeting,coveringor containment ofwastein HGVs; hoursof operation(as set outin paragraph 22of the rep  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Proposal TW/18/2129 (KCC/TW/0100/2018) - Expansion by 1 f.e. involving erection of new 2-storey teaching and sports hall block, pedestrian bridge, extension to existing dining area, 16 car parking spaces and associated landscaping work at St Gregory's Catholic School, Reynolds Lane, Tunbridge Wells; KCC Property and Infrastructure Support pdf icon PDF 4 MB


(1)       The Head of Planning Applications Group reported that the Memorandum of Understanding had now been agreed.


(2)       The Head of Planning Applications Group reported additional correspondence from a local resident in objection to aspects of the Proposal.


(3)       The Committee noted that the two references to “the site boundary” in paragraph 39 of the report should read: “to the side of the nearest house.” 


(4)       the Committee agreed that plant species which supported bee pollination should be incorporated within the ecological enhancement plan.


(5)       RESOLVED thatsubject to the agreed andsigned Memorandumof Understanding regarding therequired monetarycontribution tobusservicesand to ensuremonitoring ofthe TravelPlan:-


(a)          permission be granted to the proposal subject toconditions, includingconditions covering thestandard 5year timelimit; the development being carried outin accordancewith thepermitted details; thesubmission ofdetails ofall materialsto beused externally; anecological enhancementplan incorporating plant species which support bee pollination being submittedand implementedas approved; measures toprotect thetrees; no treeremoval taking place duringthe birdbreeding season; the provision of detailsof anyexternal lighting; hoursof workingduring constructionbeing restrictedto betweenthe hoursof 0800 and1800 on Mondays toFridays andbetween the hoursof 0900and 1300on Saturdays, withno operationson Sundaysand BankHolidays; the submissionof aconstructionmanagement plan,including details oflorryrouting, access, parkingand circulationwithin thesite forcontractorsand othervehiclesrelated to constructionoperations;  measuresto preventmud anddebris beingtaken ontothe publichighway;  thedevelopment notbeing occupieduntil the30mph speedlimitacross themain site accessesin ReynoldsLane andintermittentdouble yellow linesin ReynoldsLane (as agreedwith theHighway Authority)have beenimplemented; a detailedsustainable surfacewater drainage schemebeing submittedand implemented asapproved; an  operation  and  maintenance  manual  for  the  proposed  sustainable  drainage schemebeing submittedand implementedas approved; anymeasuresto mitigateflood riskand protectwater qualitybeing implementedand maintained; no buildingon anyphase ofthe developmentbeingoccupied untila Verification Reportto thesurface waterdrainage systemhas beenapproved andimplemented; and the submission of an updated SchoolTravel Plansubmitted within6 monthsof thedate ofthe permission being granted;  and


(b)       theapplicant beadvised byInformative to urgentlyprogress aTraffic RegulationOrder toaddress the highwayscomments raisedby thisapplication.



Proposal SE/18/1726 (KCC/SE/0095/2018) - 2 FE expansion involving two extensions to existing building and internal alterations, new dedicated child drop-off/pick-up bus layby, accessed off Seal Road/A25 and external works at The Trinity School, Seal Hollow Road, Sevenoaks; KCC Property and Infrastructure Support pdf icon PDF 2 MB


(1)       The Head of Planning Applications Group informed the Committee of comments received from a local resident commenting that as the bus entrance had been moved, she did not now need to attend the Committee meeting to speak. She also commented about the speed limit on the A25 and on pupils crossing to walk through the coach park.   

(2)       The Committee agreed that the landscaping condition should include selection of planting suitable to enhance bee pollination.

(3)       On being put to the vote, the recommendations of the Head of Planning Applications Group were agreed nem con subject to the amendment set out in (2) above. 


(4)       RESOLVED thatthe applicationbe referred tothe Secretaryof State forHousing Communities and Local Government asa departurefrom theDevelopment Plan onGreen Beltgrounds, andthat subject tohis   decision:-


(a)          permission be granted to the proposal subject to compliancewith theagreed Memorandaof Understanding and to conditions,including conditions covering thestandard 5year timelimit forimplementation; the developmentbeing carriedout inaccordance withthe permitteddetails; the developmentbeing carriedout usingthe externalmaterialsand colourfinishes specified withinthe planningapplication documentsunless otherwiseagreed; the submissionof ascheme oflandscaping, including detailsof treeprotection methods, evergreen plantingto thesouthern siteboundary, additionaltree planting, a selection of planting suitable for bee pollination, softlandscaping, and hardsurfacing; no treeremoval taking place duringthe birdbreeding season;  the submissionof detailsof externallighting andhours ofoperationregarding the buildingextensions andthe buspick-up/drop offzone; the provision ofthe buspick-up/drop off zonewith accessand egressoff theA25 Seal Roadwithin 2months ofoccupation; the provision of a pedestrian  phase on  the  western  arm  of  the  A25/Seal  Hollow  Road junctionand of droppedkerb crossingson FilmerLane priorto occupation; improvementsbeing undertakento PublicRights ofWay SR165and SU4between Seal Village  and  the  Seal  Road/Seal Hollow  Road  with funding secured viathe Memorandum of Understanding; best  endeavours being madeto  implement  a  Traffic  Regulation  Order  to  provide  parking restrictions atthe junctionsof SealHollow Roadwith TheCrescent andHillingdon Avenue  with  footway  improvements  at  the  junction  of  Hillingdon  Avenue/Seal HollowRoad;  thesubmission and approvalof anupdated School TravelPlan withinsix monthsof occupation, andits ongoing monitoring/auditingfor aperiod of5 years, withinwhich time therewill are to beannual updateswith fundingsecured forKCC Highways through the memorandum of Understanding to ensureadequate resourcing for them toaudit andoverseethis process. Theprovision ofelectric chargingpoints, amongst othermatters, shouldbe considered withinthe TravelPlan; the provisionand retentionof carparking, loadingand turningfacilities; the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Proposal 18/03383/COUNTY (KCC/TW/0494/2018) - New two storey primary school (2 FE) at Hawkenbury Farm, Hawkenbury Road, Tunbridge Wells; KCC Property and Infrastructure Support pdf icon PDF 1 MB


(1)       The Committee agreed that the landscaping condition should include selection of planting suitable for bee pollination.


(2)       RESOLVED thatsubject to a Memorandumof Understanding from theapplicant regarding the provision ofappropriate20mph signageon Hawkenbury Roadduring schoolhours:-


(a)          permission be granted to the proposal subject to conditions, including conditions covering the provision prior to the commencement of the development of further detailsto theCounty PlanningAuthority ofthe wildlife tunnelshowingits locationand specificationsin relationto thesite access roadto ensurethat aconnection isretained;  the submissionprior to commencement of the developmentof aprogramme ofheritage interpretationin accordancewith awritten specification andtimetable; the submission prior top commencement of the development of  an  archaeological  watching  brief  in  accordance  with  a  written specification andtimetable sothat theexcavation is observed,and itemsof interest arerecorded; the submission prior to commencement of the developmentof detailsof theproposed meansof fouland surfacewater sewerage disposal; the submissionprior to commencement of the developmentof a noiseassessment anddetails ofmitigation measuresthat maybe needed inrelation tonoise fromthe MUGA,sports facilitiesandcar parkarea;  the standard 5year timescalefor commencementof thedevelopment; the developmentbeing inaccordance withthe submitteddetails; details of measures tobe takenin theevent thatunforeseen contaminationis found; the submission  and  approval  of  a  final  verification  report  to  the  County  Planning Authority demonstrating that remediationof thesite hasbeen completedprior to occupation; the submission to the County Planning Authority  andapproval ofa HabitatManagement Plan;   no further removalof hedgerowsor treestaking placeat thesitewithout adormouse licence amendment firstbeing made,and anyworks beingcarriedout atan appropriate timeof yearto minimiseimpacts ondormice;  a copyof theamended dormouselicence beingsubmitted tothe CountyPlanning Authority priorto anyfurther worksto hedgerowsand treeswithin theschool site taking place;  hours ofconstructionwork beinglimited tobetween0800 and1800 hours on Mondaysto Fridaysand between 0800and 1300hours onSaturdays with noworks atany other timeor onSundays and BankHolidays;  tree and rootprotection measures; the submissionto the County Planning Authorityand  approval  of  details  of  external  lighting  inadvance ofinstallation; the submissionto theCounty PlanningAuthority offurther detailsof thedesign and location  and  external  materials  for  the  proposed  roof  plant,  pv panels,  access hatches, roof coping,canopy,windcatchers and roofsafetyrail ifrequired atthe parapet priorto installation; the submission tothe CountyPlanning Authorityand approvalof detailsand samplesof  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Matters dealt with under delegated powers pdf icon PDF 73 KB


RESOLVED to note matters dealt with under delegated since the last meeting relating to:-


(a)          County matter applications;


(b)        County Council developments;


(c)          Screening Opinions under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017; and


(d)          Scoping Opinions under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (None).