Agenda and minutes

Planning Applications Committee
Wednesday, 16th May, 2018 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone. View directions

Contact: Andrew Tait  03000 416749

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Minutes - 14 March 2018 pdf icon PDF 86 KB


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2018 are correctly recorded and that they be signed by the Chairman.


Site Meetings and Other Meetings


(1)       The Committee agreed to postpone the second part of the Education Commissioning training session until after its next meeting in June 2018.


(2)       The Committee also asked for a training visit to Ridham Dock.


Draft revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework pdf icon PDF 144 KB


(1)       Kent County Council’s response to the consultation had been circulated to all Members of the Committee prior to the meeting.


(2)       RESOLVED that the proposed changes to the draft revised National Planning Policy Framework be noted together with their direction of planning policy.


Applications DA/17/2025 (KCC/DA/0320/2017) and DA/17/2081 (KCC/DA/0321/2017) - (i) Variation of Conditions 2,3,4,12,13 and 14 of Permission DA/13/206 to extend the completion date for development, return to using Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) for on-site haulage and to remove the seasonality of the operations and limits on delivery times; and (ii) Erection of a processing plant, construction of water management ponds and ancillary buildings at Joyce Green Quarry, Joyce Green Lane, Dartford; Ingrebourne Valley Ltd pdf icon PDF 2 MB


(1)       The Head of Planning Applications Group referred to paragraph 11 of the report and informed the Committee that the details pursuant to Conditions 11, 21 and 27 of Permission DA/13/206 had not yet been approved.  This did not have the effect of changing the recommendations.


(2)       The Head of Planning Applications Group asked to amend the recommendations so that the drainage strategy condition was referred to in the second application rather than in the first, and that the first proposed condition for the second application was amended to read “the submission and approval of a Traffic Management Plan.”   This was agreed.


(3)       Mr R A Pascoe moved, seconded by Mr C Simkins that the recommendations of the Head of Planning Applications Group be agreed as amended in (2) above.


(4)       Pursuant to Committee Procedure Rule 2.26 (4), one-third of the Members present required that the way all Members cast their vote would be recorded in the Minutes.


(5)       On being put to the vote the Motion set out in (3) above was carried by 6 votes to 5. 


FOR:  Mr R A Marsh, Mr R A Pascoe, Mr P C Cooper, Mr M D Payne, Mr H Rayner, Mr C Simkins.


AGAINST:  Mr A Booth, Miss E Dawson, Mr P M Harman, Mr B H Lewis, Mr J Wright.



(6)       RESOLVED that:


(a)        permission be granted to the variation ofConditions 2,3, 4,12, 13and 14 ofPermission DA/13/206 set out in Application DA/17/2025 subject to conditions, including conditions covering thecompletion ofextraction andrestorationby 31December 2024; theuse ofArticulated DumpTrucks (ADTs)to transfermaterials tothe stockpilearea; operationsbeing permittedto takeplace throughouttheyear (ratherthan just Aprilto September); on-siteprocessing ofthe materialat theplant permittedin ApplicationDA/17/2081 in paragraph (2) below; annualproduction /output being limitedto nomore than150,000 tonnesper year; submission and approval of atraffic managementplan thatprohibits HGVmovementsthrough the M25/A282Junction 1Aduring thepeakhours of0700 to 0900and 1700 to 1800on weekdays,with norestrictionson Saturdays; noiseattributable tooperations onsite notexceeding 55dB LAeq,1hr at anynoise sensitivereceptor; no residential use of Ivy Cottageuntilthe sitehas beenfully restored;  the submissionand approvalof ascheme forregular noisemonitoring; compliance withthe detailsapprovedpursuant toconditions17,21 and 27  of  Permission   DA/13/206  (or  the  imposition of similar conditions asnecessary);  and those  other  conditions  ofPermission  DA/13/206  that  are necessary toensure satisfactory  ...  view the full minutes text for item 14.


Application SE/18/0293 (KCC/SE/0007/2018) - Construction and operation of an Agricultural Waste Digester and ancillary infrastructure at Court Lodge Farm, Stack Road, Horton Kirby; Oncoland Ltd pdf icon PDF 2 MB


(1)                In agreeing the recommendations of the Head of Planning Applications Group, the Committee added an Informative advising that mechanical apparatus associated with the development would be maintained (and appropriately shrouded as necessary) such that there would be no detriment to the existing background noise levels at noise sensitive properties as a result of the application.  


(2)       RESOLVED that:-


(a)             permission be granted to the application subject to condition, including conditions covering the timeLimitof3 yearsfor commencementof the development; no vehicle visitingthesite between the hoursof0700 to 0930 and1500 to 1800;  onlywastearisingsfromthefarmestate(plusglycerol)as setoutintheapplication going through the Agricultural Waste Digester (AWD) plantandno other wastebeing importedtothefacility; thevehiclesbringingmaterialsforprocessingtotheAWDandthosetakingthe digestate forapplicationtothe fields followingtheroutesdetailedinthe Trip Generation andDistributionTechnical Note;  no developmenttaking placeuntil after thesubmissionandsubsequentapprovalofa ConstructionandEnvironmentalManagementPlandetailingthe methods of construct  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


Proposal CA/17/2916 (KCC/CA/0327/2017) - Minor extensions to the school building and new storage shed at Wickhambreux CE Primary School, The Street, Wickhambreux; Governors of Wickhambreux Primary School pdf icon PDF 2 MB


(1)       Mr M J Northey was present for this item pursuant to Committee Procedure Rule 2.27 and spoke.


 (2)      RESOLVED that:-


(a)          permission be granted to the proposal subject to conditions, including conditions covering a5 yeartime limitfor implementation; thedevelopment beingcarried outin accordancewith thepermitteddetails; the submission and approval of detailsof allmaterialsto beused externally; the retention and protectionof boundaryhedging includingrootprotectionareas; the submissionand approvalof aconstructionmanagementstrategy priorto the commencementof thedevelopment,including detailsof lorry/construction vehicle routing,parking andturningareas fordelivery andconstruction vehiclesand site personnel, timingof deliveriesto avoidconflictwith peakschooltimes, provisionof wheelwashing facilities,and anytemporary trafficmanagementand signage; and hours  of  working  during  construction being  restricted tobetween  0800  and  1800 on Mondaysto Fridaysand betweenthe hoursof 0900and 1300on Saturdays,with no operationson Sundaysand BankHolidays; and



(b)          theapplicants be advised by Informative that:


(i)               their attentionis drawnto theletter from theEnvironmentAgencyin which adviceis providedwith regardto floodrisk andFlood RiskActivity Permits(FRAPS); and


(ii)              the school rollis expectedto reduceback to105, in accordancewith thePupil AdmissionNumber (PAN).



Matters dealt with under delegated powers pdf icon PDF 82 KB


RESOLVED to note matters dealt with under delegated powers since the last meeting relating to:-


(a)        County Matter applications;


(b)        County Council developments;


(c)          Screening Opinions under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017; and


(d)          Scoping Opinions under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017.