Cabinet Member decisions

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
21/00040 - Domestic Abuse Act - New Burdens Funding ref: 248519/03/202119/03/2021Not for call-in
21/00027 - Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan (2020-2025) ref: 247819/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00030 - Inland Border Facility - White Cliffs ref: 247919/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00037 Low Carbon across the South and East (LoCASE) ref: 247619/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00032 - Danley Road - disposal of land ref: 246519/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00036 Defra Grant Funding - Farming in Protected Landscapes – for the Kent Downs AONB ref: 247519/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00029 - Statement of Community Involvement 2021 ref: 247419/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00022 - Disposal of the former Ladesfield Care Home site, Vulcan Close, Whitstable, CT5 3LZ ref: 246819/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00021 - Whitehill Road - Disposal of former playing field ref: 246619/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00039 - Purchase of Designated Beds ref: 248219/03/202119/03/2021Not for call-in
21/00014 - Chilmington Green Secondary Provision - Ashford (updated) ref: 246919/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00026 - Updated Kent Minerals and Waste Safeguarding Supplementary Planning Document ref: 247719/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00025 - Proposed Expansion of Invicta Grammar School, Huntsman Lane, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5DS ref: 246719/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00023 - Extension of the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS) Service Level Agreement (SLA) ref: 248319/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00020 - The Towers School - additional Year 7 places ref: 247219/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00019 - SEND Strategy 2021-2024 ref: 248019/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00018 - Proposed Revision of Rates Payable and Charges Levied by Kent County Council for Children's Social Care Services in 2021-22 ref: 248119/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00016 - Proposed temporary expansion of Mascalls Academy, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6LT ref: 247119/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00015 - Lunsford and Birchington School Roofs ref: 247019/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
21/00012 - Post 16 Transport Policy 2021-22 ref: 247319/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired
20/00102 - Community Support Services for Disabled Children & Young People ref: 248419/03/202127/03/2021Call-in expired