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Safe crossing for school children Margate Road Ramsgate

We the undersigned petition the council to Put a safe crossing in Margate Road, Ramsgate between the area of the viaduct and Newlands Road

On the 27th of January this year my eleven year old son was walking home from the lower site of the Royal Harbour Academy. He attempted to cross Margate road, just slightly down from Newlands lane, by crossing to one of the islands in the middle of the road. Unfortunately he was hit by a car before he reached the island. An ambulance and police arrived on scene and the road was closed, I am told, for hours even after we arrived at the hospital. I was luckily enough informed by a friend whose own child sadly witnessed the incident and managed to get to my son fairly quickly. He was put on a stretcher and had head supports to keep his neck and head in place. His face was cut and covered in blood. Paramedics had to cut his clothes off him and he was falling in and out of consciousness. As his mother this was beyond horrific and traumatic for me to see and horrific for my little boy to go through. I know it has also had an affect on many people be it teachers that ran down to help, the person driving the car, other students or people passing that witnessed it.
We were taken to Margate hospital where we were airlifted to Kings College hospital in London. My husband had to stay behind with my other children and was left with little information as to what was happening. My sons older sibling walked passed the incident (also on his way home from school) and didn’t know it was his brother until he got home and my husband told him. All of my children have been shaken up by this event.
Once at London my son was rushed for multiple scans and X-rays. He had multiple cuts on his face and on his legs, bruising to his ribs and a fracture to his skull with a hematoma. His head needed multiple stitches and they could see his skull fracture through the wound. He is recovering well now and thankfully does not remember much of the actual accident. However we are all deeply shaken up by this and I am terrified it could happen again, to my child or to someone else’s as the road is crossed by many children coming out of the school. I am asking if we could please put in some form of crossing there. It is extremely dangerous and I have no doubt it will happen again. I never want a parent to experience what I did or a child to experience what my son did. Next time the person might not be so lucky. I feel this is a very serious issue especially considering it involved the safety of our children. The children from this school are only 11-13. Children from other schools also have to cross this road.
Please, please do something so no one else ever has to see their child hidden by a green screen and then in the road covered in blood. Please help me and other parents and children and get a safe crossing there for them.

This ePetition ran from 12/03/2022 to 12/06/2022 and has now finished.

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