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Save Pembury's Buses

We the undersigned petition the council to In signing this petition, I request that Kent County Council reconsider their proposed reduction of grants for Pembury bus routes. The schedule of savings will remove up to 8 critical travel options for our community. These are essential for residents who do not have a vehicle access to any other transport alternative. Pembury needs to maintain its bus connections for our resident. Please fight the proposed cuts in support grants.

The identified savings remove support for the Go Coach 208. Although the support grant is substantial at £182,767 this is an essential service for our schoolchildren who are already experiencing overcrowding and cancellation of daily buses.

A vital Sunday service, the Arriva 6, leaving residents with no Sunday service to Tunbridge Wells. This is for a saving of £11,700 and will be terrible for a community of nearly 7,000 residents.

The Kent Karrier is also a much-needed service for residents of advanced age or who have disabilities all whom will suffer the consequences of a saving of £28,818 and having their life options sadly diminished.

We are also under threat of losing the early morning commuter run of the 277 from Pembury to Tunbridge Wells with few alternatives.

The above are just some examples of the losses the village will incur and goes against the local plans ethos to encourage better public transport links from Pembury.

Pembury is a growing and dynamic community that deserves good transport links. If the proposals go through our residents will be disadvantaged with many being unable to travel, others resorting to cars and adding to the severe congestion and pollution already experienced on our roads. I am signing this petition and strongly object to these proposed cuts for Pembury. I request that Kent County Council reconsider their options.

This ePetition runs from 15/03/2022 to 13/06/2022.

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