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Speed calming in Tunbridge Wells

We the undersigned petition the council to Lower the speed limit on: - Sandrock Road to 20mph and install speed reads light sign and pelican crossing near to St James Primary School. - Ferndale Road to 20mph - Forest Road to 30mph - Cleveland Road to 20mph - Kingswood Road to 20mph - Bayhall Road to 20mph - Grove Hill Road to 20mph

SANDROCK RD: Out side st james primary school sandrock road vehicle are speeding and we need to lower speeding down to 20. There were several accidents in the past. Also we need pelican crossing for upper end of the school on sandrock road, this is also very important parents and children can cross the road safely. We also need light sign to warn the vehicles reeding they are own speed
FERNDALE ROAD: In Ferndale road traffic is moving faster then as it should be we need to reduce speeding vehicles there for we are campaigning to reduce speed to 20mph on Ferndale road please
FOREST ROAD: In forest road speed limit is 40mph and we would like to measure speeds on this road, vehicles doing well over 40Mph. We would like lower to speed 30mph whole forest road Tunbridge wells
CLEVELAND ROAD: Vehicles are over speeding , this is very dangerous for children and resident, on hills vehicles are over speeding high likely they can not stop on any hazard. There fore we need speeding lower to 20mph please
KINGSWOOD ROAD: Vehicles are using Kingswood Road for short cut on traffic (between Bayhall Road and Pembury Road) there are many elderly lives in the area and when they cross the Kingswood Road this is extremely dangerous
BAYHALL ROAD: Bayhall very straight and road is very busy road and there are alot of residents very worried vehicles doing more than 30mph we would lime to have speed watch sign and lower speed limit to 20mph please
GROVE HILL ROAD: Grove hill road is should be traffic calm road. Because of the hill traffic is moving faster than expected. Some vehicles are doing much more than 30mph we need to reduce speeding to 20mph please

This ePetition ran from 21/04/2022 to 21/07/2022 and has now finished.

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