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Stop implementing Operation brock and find a permanent solution that doesn’t block Kent’s road network

We the undersigned petition the council to To find a better solution that doesn’t halt Kent to gridlock. Operation stack was “rebranded” operation Brock after public uproar in 2015. We, the members of stock operation Brock, are requesting KCC and Kent highways find a better solution so the residents of Kent can continue their lives.

Operation Brock is just a rebranded operation stack, back in 2015 we at the stop operation stack Facebook page generated a petition at the time that generated over 24,000 signatures and we are once again putting it to KCC and highways that we the residents of Kent will no longer put up with this.

This ePetition ran from 21/04/2022 to 21/07/2022 and has now finished.

21 people signed this ePetition.