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Decrease speed limt through Molash village.

We the undersigned petition the council to reduce the speed limit to 30mph on the A252 passing through The Street, Molash, on the grounds of safety, in an attempt to make The Street a safer environment for those that live there, because the road is too fast for a built-up area at 40mph and causes the residents much distress.

It has been noted that other places on the A252 have been given 30mph speed limits, the A252 does not run through the centre of any of the other villages in the same way that it does in Molash, affecting the lives of the residents of nearly 20% of the properties in Molash, (20 of the 105 properties in Molash are on The Street), on this stretch of the road from The Chapel to just past Coppins Farmhouse.

From the Gov UK website on SETTING LOCAL SPEED LIMITS - SECTION 7: RURAL SPEED MANAGEMENT Key points read: It is government policy that a 30-mph speed limit should be the norm in villages. It may also be appropriate to consider 20 mph zones and limits in built-up village streets. It is recommended that the minimum length of a village speed limit should be 600 metres. However, traffic authorities may lower this to 400 metres, and in exceptional circumstances to 300 metres.

In our opinion, 40mph is too high a speed limit and, as outlined by GovUK, a limit of 30mph or less should be implemented, this is what we are requesting.

This ePetition runs from 14/11/2022 to 14/02/2023.

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