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Widen road for safety of residents, emergency vehicle access and provide visitor parking on Portbridge Gardens, DA10 1GG

We the undersigned petition the council to widen road adopted by KCC, Portbrige Gardens, from 4.7m to 5.5m. Also provide visitor parking spots for residents on this road - currently there are none. Additional concerns over emergency vehicle access.

Widening the road will allow two cars to pass with ease and prevent vehicle drivers using the pedestrian footpath to allow larger vehicles to pass. Having a wider road will also allow emergency vehicle to park if needed without blocking the road - currently a fire brigade or even a bin lorry will block the road creating a safety hazard when cars need to over take to pass.

After speaking to Lisa Daniels from KCC( the senior transport and development manager) the reason for a narrow road (4.7m) is to reduce speed and prevent parents from dropping their children off at the school that will be built nearby. In reality, looking how parking is an issue in surrounding areas where schools are already built, having a narrow road will not deter parents from using the road to drop off/pick up children from school. However, making the road wider will definitely make it safer for the drivers, residents and children crossing the road. Speed bumps should be added to reduce speed.

Having visitor parking spots will prevent non residents using the footpath to park up which is also seen on many other developments.

This is not safe for pedestrians walking or people using push chairs or wheelchairs.

Surrounding roads on the Alkerden development which KCC have not adopted have been provided with visitor parking spots. We have none.

Majority of houses on Portbridge Gardens are 4 bedroom with a minimum of 2 cars per house hold. The cars are parked in the car port which can fit two cars. Where would you expect visitors to park?

There is no visitor parking spots at all and it’s very unlikely the bays provided on surrounding streets will be empty because they will be occupied by people visiting the households nearby.

We are aware that KCC is trying to create a sustainable village by promoting walking, cycling and by providing good transport but health and safety for the residents is also important.

This ePetition ran from 23/08/2022 to 30/11/2022 and has now finished.

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