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Save school bus Go Coach TW9 Langton Green to Skinners Kent Academy via Rusthall and Ramslye

We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned petition the council to ensure that the School Bus GO COACH TW9 route is supported financially so that it can continue operating on weekdays. The current operator is ending the service in early February 2023.

This is a school bus. It runs on weekdays only twice a day. It is the only bus route that serves Langton Green, Rusthall, Ramslye and Skinners Kent Academy School and it provides a vital and essential
service from these villages and rural part of the Tunbridge Wells Town to Skinners Kent Academy School.

The loss of this bus service will leave many of our school children, some who have disabilities and additional needs with no form of public transport or other means to get to school. They will have no means of connecting with other bus services to Skinners Kent Academy School leaving many of our school children having to walk between three and four miles to school often down badly lit streets, in unsafe environments especially on dark winter mornings and dark winter nights in frequent inclement weather. These are children as young as eleven years of age!

Scrapping this bus service will have a devastating effect on our school children and on their families.
Extra car traffic will be generated as parents will be forced to use cars to drive children to school putting pressure on incomes, many not being able to do this due to pressure of working, leaving many families struggling either financially or physically unable to get their children to school. Those who do not drive have simply no means whatsoever of getting their children to school. This decision fundamentally will impact the education of our school children who have every right to an education yet are being prevented from such by the removal of a fundamental and vital service. Their school buses! The GO COACH TW9

To mark such a devastating cut of vital school bus services such as this one makes no sense. The
Government has stated in its National Bus Strategy that “ it wants make buses more reliable, more frequent, more reliable and to encourage more people to use buses and has therefore allocated £2 billion to support bus services in England and is introducing a new £2 cap on single bus journeys,” January 2023. The loss of the GO COACH TW9 bus service is totally at odds with this strategy.

Therefore, we ask that this decision is completely revoked and scrapped altogether so that this school bus service GO COACH TW9 continues to get financial support in order for this School bus to continue running so that our school children from Speldhurst, Langton Green, Rusthall and Ramslye can continue to get to and from Skinners Kent Academy School safely.

This ePetition ran from 04/11/2022 to 02/02/2023 and has now finished.

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