Committee structure

Council and Governance/Regulation Committees

The Full County Council agrees the Budget, the Constitution and the Plans and Strategies that form the Policy Framework.  The Council appoints other governance and regulatory committees to discharge functions that are not the responsibility of the Cabinet.


The Leader with the Cabinet Members comprises the Executive and are responsible for all the Council functions that are not the responsibility of any other part of the Council, whether by law or through the Councils Constitution. 

Cabinet Committees

Cabinet Committees are advisory committees of the Cabinet.  Each Cabinet Committee is able to consider and make recommendations on the functions of the Council that are the responsibility of the Cabinet Member(s) for matters within the Committees remit.  They also consider and either endorse or make recommendations on statutory Key and significant decisions to be taken by the Cabinet Members either collectively or individually.


The Scrutiny Committee investigates issues affecting Kent County Council and Kent residents and makes recommendations to support the improvement of council services.