Decision details

20/00121 - Contract for Receipt and Treatment of Highway Mechanical Arisings

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Environment

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Proposed decision:

To provide delegated authority to the Cabinet Member for Environment to approve the award of a new contractual arrangement for the receipt and treatment of Highway Mechanical Arisings delivered to KCC’s Transfer Stations by Collection Authorities.


Reason for the decision

·      As the Waste Disposal Authority, KCC has a statutory responsibility to dispose of waste collected by the Waste Collection Authorities, one of which is Highway Mechanical Arisings (HMA), or street sweepings collected by a street sweeper vehicle.

·      KCC has entered into temporary supply agreements (from 1 November 2020) to ensure continuity of supply while KCC goes out to market for these services and is seeking a contractual arrangement for the receipt and treatment of this material:



·      By treating this waste, it is seperated into constituent parts’, such as sand, stones and metals for re-use in construction projects.

·      It is envisaged that the commission will be presented in two geographical Lots: West Kent, and East & Mid Kent to take account of haulage considerations to the treatment facility and will include provision for managing 13,300 tonnes of HMA collected by the Collection Authorities across Kent.

·      The contract is expected to commence on 1st May 2021 for a duration of 3 years, with a potential extension of an additional 2 years based on performance.


Options (other options considered but discarded)


·      Option 1 – Do nothing – the current arrangements will continue; this is not an option as they are short term contingency only and best value would be secured from a longer term contract.

·      Option 2 – Discontinue accepting the HMA waste from the Collection Authorities; this is not an option due to KCC’s obligation to take this waste as the Waste Disposal Authority.

·      Option 3 – Continue to accept the waste, but utilise alternative disposal options by using landfill or incineration; this is not an option as there is a desire to move this material up the waste hierarchy and to meet landfill diversion targets.

·      Option 4 – undertake a commissioning activity to secure a provider who is able to treat and utilise the waste material meeting the circular economy desired outcomes and is both financially and environmentally more beneficial for the Authority.


Preferred option:

·        Option 4 is the preferred option. The authority is seeking to appoint a new provider to secure a contract (for up to five years) that will benefit and achieve the best outcomes for the authority and Kent households and fulfil the Statutory duty of KCC operating under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to dispose of collected municipal waste.


The commission of this contract will meet Kent CC’s Strategic Statement 2015 – 2020 regarding the following outcomes:

·      Kent communities feel the benefits of economic growth by being in work, healthy and enjoying a good quality of life.

·      The vision is to focus on improving lives by ensuring every pound spent in Kent is delivering better outcomes for Kent’s residents, communities and business.




As Cabinet Member for Environment, I agree to approve the proposed decision to commission and award a contract for the receipt and processing of highway mechanical arisings for up to 5 years. 


Publication date: 24/01/2021

Date of decision: 24/01/2021

Effective from: 30/01/2021

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