Decision details

22/00036 - KCC - Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education - Membership arrangements update

Decision Maker: Leader of the Council

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Reason for the decision:

The Decision is necessary to clarify that KCC, as the responsible Local Authority for the Kent SACRE, maintains the membership arrangements in full compliance with the relevant national legislation.


Crucial to this particular consideration is that the legislation as it stands prohibits the inclusion of Humanist representatives as appointed voting members within Group A.  Updated guidance on the matter has been issued by Government in Wales but this does not apply in England so until legislative change updates the position, KCC is seeking to make the eligibility situation clear via this decision.


The decision will not prevent the inclusion of Humanists or other relevant groups within SACRE as observers or non-voting co-optees (such arrangements for the welcoming of observers or co-optees are matters for determination by SACRE, subject to advice from the Local Authority).




SACRE sits as an outside body, with responsibilities relating to advising the local authority and education providers regarding the teaching of religious education.  It draws membership from a range of people, with the membership separated into specific sections (with each section having one vote at full meetings of the SACRE).


(a)      Christian denominations (other than the Church of England) and other denominations and religions as in the opinion of the Authority reflect the principal religious traditions in Kent. The number of representatives approved under the category shall, so far as is consistent with the efficient discharge of this group’s functions, reflect broadly the proportionate strength of that denomination or religion in the area.


(b)      The Church of England


(c)       Teacher Associations having regard to local circumstances.


(d)      The Local Authority


KCC is responsible for considering the appropriate representation for Group (a) – Christian denominations and other denominations and religions.  Such consideration may be given from time to time as the Local Authority deems necessary and in response to specific requests for updates to representation.



Options (other options considered but discarded):

KCC could have sought to include Humanism with Group A but doing so would have been contrary to law.


KCC could have continued applying standing membership arrangements, based on the legislation, without specific decision-making but this was discarded as it is helpful to update compliance with long standing legislation to confirm ongoing arrangements and provide more recent authority for local decision-making.


Note - Co-optee arrangements for management via SACRE have already been explored for relevant groups and will continue to be considered at the local level.


How the proposed decision supports the Interim Strategic Plan:

Appropriate management and delivery of SACRE business is a statutory requirement that contributes towards effective education in Kent.  This overarching education element contributes to economic development and longer-term service demand management through improving outcomes for young people at an early stage.


The decision is necessary to ensure continued compliant organisation of SACRE.



As Leader of the Council, I agree to;

a)    APPROVE the current Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) membership arrangements without change;

b)    NOTE that the current legislation prohibits the inclusion of Humanist representatives within Group A of SACRE Membership; and

c)    Delegate authority to the Democratic Services Manager to take relevant actions, including but not limited to entering into contracts or other legal agreements, as necessary to implement the decision.

Publication date: 20/06/2022

Date of decision: 20/06/2022

Effective from: 28/06/2022

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