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A28 Chart Road Widening, Ashford

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Approval for:


i)     the outline design for the A28 Chart Road Widening scheme for development control and land charge disclosures shown in principle on Drg. No. 4300246/000/79 Rev1 in substitution for Drg. No. 4300246/000/79 Rev0;


ii)    all acts required to carry out and complete the A28 Chart Road Improvement scheme;


iii)    all acts required to acquire the land and rights for the carrying out and completion of the A28 Chart Road Improvement scheme, including by means of a compulsory purchase order;


iv)    accept, if necessary, a blight notice for the purchase of East Lodge on terms to be agreed with the Director of Infrastructure, Strategic and Corporate Services;


v)    the Corporate Director of Growth, Environment & Transport, under the Officer Scheme of Delegations, to take further or other decisions as may be appropriate to deliver the A28 Chart Road Improvement scheme in accordance with these recommendations and the earlier overarching decisions given under Record of Decision 14/00091 that remains extant.








As CabinetMember forEnvironment &Transport Igiveapproval


i)          to thepreliminary designscheme forA28 ChartRoad Wideningfor developmentcontrol and landcharge disclosuresshown in principleon DrawingNo's. B1620900/H/003Aand B1620900/H/007A;

ii)       to progressthe A28Chart RoadWidening schemeshown asa preliminarydesign onDrawing No's. B1620900/H/003A andB1620900/H/007A,including anyancillary worksuch asdrainageand environmentalmitigation;

iii)     forLegal Servicesto undertakea dedication,transfer orother suchlegal mechanismto secure th8 landrequired todeliver theA28 ChartRoad WideningScheme asshown inDrawing No's. B1620900/H/003AandB1620900/H/007A, includingany ancillaryworks suchas drainageand environmentalmitigationand subjectto anysubstantive amendmentsarising fromthe designbeing approvedby theCorporate Directorof Growth,Environment &Transport;

iv)      to the publicationof CompulsoryPurchase Orders,any otherstatutory approvalsand anyother necessary legal rightsor consentsrequired forthe schemeshown inprincipleon DrawingNo's. B1620900/H/003A andB1620900/H/007A, includingany ancillaryworks suchas drainageand environmentalmitigationand subjectto anysubstantive amendmentsarisingfrom theoutlinedesign being approvedby theCorporateDirectorof Growth,Environment& Transport;

v)       to enterinto anagreementwith NetworkRail toallow theCounty Councilto designanddeliver a schemeonNetwork Railinfrastructure;

vi)      to enterinto fundingagreements requiredfor thescheme suchas forthe SingleLocal Growth funding, developerfunding andother suchfundingagreements subjectto theapprovalof the CorporateDirector ofFinance &Procurement, and

vii)    toenterintoconstruction contractsas necessary forthe deliveryof thescheme, subjectto the approvaloftheProcurementBoard, totherecommendedprocurementstrategy.

Publication date: 23/09/2014

Date of decision: 23/09/2014

Effective from: 01/10/2014

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