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Back Office Procurement

Meeting: 18/09/2015 - Policy and Resources Cabinet Committee (Item 170)

170 Facing the Challenge - Back Office Procurement Project

To note and comment upon the results of the evaluation process

Additional documents:


(1)       Mr Hallett (Senior Responsible Officer for the Back Office Procurement Project) introduced the report which built on previous updates to the Cabinet Committee and provided information about the outcome of the evaluation process.


(2)       A letter received from one of the bidders in relation to Lot 1 was tabled and Members of the Committee were given the opportunity to read it.


(3)       Mrs Beer (Corporate Director Engagement, Organisation Design and Development) referred in particular to Appendix 1 of the report and drew Members’ attention to the results of the evaluation of Lot 1.


(4)       Mr Wood (Director of Finance and Procurement) with the assistance of Mrs Major (Strategic Financial Adviser) introduced the Section 151 Officer’s Value for Money Report relating to Lot 1 set out in Appendix 2. 


(5)       Mr Hotson (Chairman of the Commissioning Advisory Board) gave a short summary of the Board’s view of the tender bid for Lot 1 and Lot 3.


(6)       Officers then answered Members’ questions.


(7)       Resolved, unanimously, to recommend to Cabinet not to proceed with the bid for Lot 1.


(8)       Mrs Beer referred to the Commissioning Board’s report on the evaluation of Lot 3 (section 7 of Appendix 1).


(9)       Mr Wood with the assistance of Mrs Major introduced the elements of the Value for Money report that related to Lot 3 (10).  Officers then answered Members’ questions.


(11)     Resolved to recommend to Cabinet that the bid for Lot 3 be pursued.