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16/00139 Proposal to increase capacity and PAN at Regis Manor Primary (Academy) School in September 2018

Meeting: 30/03/2017 - Education and Young People's Services Cabinet Committee (Item 12)

12 16/00139 Proposal to expand Regis Manor Primary (Academy) School, increasing the capacity from 420 school places to 630 school places and increasing the PAN from 60 to 90 for Year R entry in September 2018 pdf icon PDF 109 KB

To consider and endorse or make recommendations to the Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform on a proposed decision

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1.    Ms White confirmed that the need to expand Regis Manor Primary School had been identified as part of the Kent Commissioning Plan in response to the growing need for primary places in North Sittingbourne. Consultation was undertaken by Swale Academies Trust and 118 responses were received. The majority of the responses that were against the proposal came from residents who had concerns around the parking arrangements and traffic which will be taken into account as part of the planning consultation. There would be an additional and new access to the rear of the school which would provide additional access and distribute the pressure, a drive in/drop off point and additional parking in order to deal with current and future pressures arising from the increase in pupil numbers.


2.    RESOLVED – That the Cabinet Committee endorsed the proposed decision of the Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform to:


(i)            Allocate £3.3m from the Education and Young People’s Service Capital budget;

(ii)          Authorise the Director of Infrastructure, in consultation with the General Counsel to enter into any necessary contracts/ agreements on behalf of the County Council; and

(iii)         Authorise the Director of Infrastructure to be the nominated Authority Representative within the relevant agreements and to enter into variations as envisaged under the contracts. Variations to contract value to be no more than 10% above the capital funding agreed by the Cabinet Member without requiring a new Record of Decision.


This proposal is also subject to agreement from the Secretary of State for Education and Planning Agreement.