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18/00017 Policy and Practice for the Management of Hot and Cold Water Systems

Meeting: 16/03/2018 - Policy and Resources Cabinet Committee (Item 64)

64 18/00142 Policy and Practice for the Management of Hot and Cold Water Systems pdf icon PDF 72 KB

To consider and comment on a proposed decision by the Cabinet Member for Corporate and Democratic Services

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Flavio Walker (Head of Health and Safety) and Karen Ripley (Strategic and Corporate Services) were in attendance for this item.


  1. Mr Hotson (Cabinet Member for Corporate and Democratic Services) introduced the report which outlined Kent County Council’s strategy on the management of water systems across its property portfolio and asked the Committee to endorse the adoption of the Policy and Code of Practice for the Management of Hot and Cold-water Systems to ensure legislative requirements could be met.


  1. In addition to this, Mrs Ripley said the policy clearly defined Kent County Council’s role, responsibility and commitment in preventing or minimising the risk from legionella bacteria. The policy also identified liability for the maintenance of non-KCC buildings and where liability could not be established, the Council carried out routine risks assessments to ensure that KCC staff who occupied that area were aware of the risks and could take appropriate steps to manage them as far as reasonably practicable.


  1. In response to Members’ enquiries, Mr Walker said that KCC had a range of buildings and that the audit remit did not currently cover academies or free schools. However, there had been a three-month assessment programme to ensure schools were compliant with KCC’s practice standards for water hygiene and discussions had taken place between the Health & Safety Team and schools to ensure correct measures had been taken to prevent legionella. Kent County Council also provided statutory compliance training free of charge for site personnel who were responsible for carrying out monthly audits.


  1. RESOLVED that:


(1)   The adoption of the Code of Practice for the Management of Hot and Cold-Water Systems Policy be endorsed; and


(2)  A written report be provided to the Committee following the SFA’s response and a copy of this be sent to Mr Bird.