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19/00008 - Renewal of Oracle Support and Maintenance (into a single contract)

Meeting: 08/03/2019 - Policy and Resources Cabinet Committee (Item 155)

155 19/00008 - Renewal of Oracle Support and Maintenance (into a single contract)

To receive a report which outlines the need to renew the Oracle support and maintenance contract.

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Mrs Spore (Director of Infrastructure) and Ms Stevens (ICT Compliance and Risk Manager) were in attendance for this item.


1.        Mrs Spore introduced the report which set out information relating to the renewal of Oracle Support and Maintenance.


Mrs Spore and Ms Stevens then responded to comments and questions from Members, including the following: -


a)    Mrs Spore talked about current investments and the proposed arrangements set out within the report.


b)    Mrs Spore confirmed that she could provide further information to Members of the Committee outside of the meeting in relation to the timescales of the proposed arrangements.


c)    Ms Stevens answered questions in relation to the market and competitors.


2.         Members of the Committee thanked Mrs Spore for her hard work in supporting the Committee.


3.         RESOLVED that the decision proposed to be taken by the Cabinet Member for Corporate & Democratic Services to delegate to the Director of Infrastructure, in Consultation with the Cabinet Member for Corporate and Democratic Services, the award of the Support and Maintenance contract(s) with Oracle, including the necessary contractual negotiations and enter into any subsequent necessary legal agreements, be endorsed.