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20/00067 - Infection Control Fund - wider social care market support

Meeting: 14/07/2020 - Adult Social Care Cabinet Committee (Item 216)

216 20/00067 - Infection Control Fund (Part 2) - Wider Social Care Market Support pdf icon PDF 221 KB

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(1)        Ms Maynard introduced the report which set out information relating to the role of social care providers in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the social care provider market had been significantly affected by rising costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.


(2)        In response to a question relating to section 3.3 of the report, Ms Maynard confirmed that membership fees would be suspended for a period of one year and the cost of the proposal would be approximately £100k.


(3)        In response to a question, Ms Maynard referred to COVID-19 recovery plans and the work that continued to be undertaken across the sector with health colleagues to learn from the early stages of the outbreak of COVID-19 and the work that would be undertaken moving forward. She added that Kent had had the lowest number of infections across the South East and one of the lowest in the country with regards to care homes.


(4)        RESOLVED that the decision proposed to be taken by the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health to


a)    agree for the Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health to allocate the 25% of the Infection Control Fund Grant in line with the proposals co-developed with the market as outlined in section 3.2 of the report; and


b)    delegate authority to the Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health to take other relevant actions, including but not limited to entering into and finalising the terms of relevant contracts or other legal agreements, as necessary to implement the decision,


be endorsed.