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22/00034 - External Community Opportunities for People with Learning and Physical Disabilities

Meeting: 31/03/2022 - Adult Social Care Cabinet Committee (Item 55)

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Mr Simon Mitchell, Senior Commissioner, was in attendance for this item. 


1.    Mr Mitchell introduced the report and gave an overview of the proposed service.


(a)  Asked whether the financial saving would affect service quality and future complex care prevention Mr Smith said significant savings were necessary to sustain the Adult Social Care Service and statutory services had to be protected as a priority. The Making a Difference Everyday (MADE) strategy was focusing on local communities and businesses to support people in different ways and prevent individuals accessing more expensive services. Mr Smith said assessed needs were met in a variety of ways through the Council’s statutory duties and responsibilities under the Care Act 2014.


(b)  Asked about the impact on service users Mr Smith said a benefits realisation programme of work would look at the outputs for users and future reports to the Cabinet Committee would look at the positive impacts of the service on residents.


(c)  Asked about the forecast spending being lower than the allocated budget Mr Mitchell said the forecast was lower than the budget at present as it was still impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic with several services still closed or with limited accessibility.


(d)  Mr McKenzie said, in addition to the commissioned services, the ambition was to give young adults with learning disabilities more choice and control on how they access support in the community by way of increased self-directed support and direct payments.


(e)  Asked about the breadth of self-directed support available Mr McKenzie said this depended on the local community and involved local businesses and communities interested in supporting individuals with learning difficulties in meeting their needs. 


(f)   Mr Mitchell said the groups of people who would access the service included adults in general and work with the children’s services ensured a smooth transition and alignment in support into 16-25 year old and adults services.


RESOLVED that the decision to be taken by the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health to:


(a)  Approve the procurement for External Community Opportunities for People with Learning and Physical Disabilities; and


(b)  Delegate authority to the Corporate Director Adult Social Care and Health and Corporate Director Children Young People and Education to take relevant actions, including but not limited to finalising the terms of entering into required contracts of other legal agreements, as necessary to implement the decision


be endorsed.


Mr Streatfield, Mr Shonk and Mr Campkin asked for their votes against the recommendation to be noted in the minutes.