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KCSP Terms of Reference Review Update

Meeting: 16/11/2023 - Kent Community Safety Partnership (Item 101)

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1.   Mr S Peerbux (Head of Community Safety, KCC) explained that since the report had been published, the Home Office had released the outcome of the consultation into the Community Safety Partnerships review and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) powers. The consultation had been launched in March 2023 and was a targeted consultation to improve the accountability of Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) nationally and improve joint working between CSPs and the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). The document outlined the remit of the review including information sharing between CSPs and the PCC; the accountability of CSPs to the PCC; tackling ASB; and the powers that could be used to reduce ASB.


2.   Mr Peerbux outlined that responses to Parts 1 and 2 (CSP Review) of the consultation were broadly supportive of the changes proposed to strengthen the relationship between PCCs and CSPs. Based on these responses, the Home Office will seek to improve and clarify the ways in which CSPs and PCCs work together by taking forward a number of proposals, either through legislation, updated guidance, or best practice documents. The measures aim to enhance strategic alignment between CSPs and PCCs and deliver more effective outcomes for the public in tackling crime and ASB.


3.   The Home Office would soon launch a consultation on phase two of the review to better understand how CSPs currently work to inform future recommendations.

4.   A Partnership Member questioned the impact this review would have on the CSP, whether these would be statutory changes; and when it would be implemented. Mr Peerbux explained that the timescales and implications for the KCSP and district-level CSPs remained unclear, but hoped the Home Office would provide clarity as soon as possible. To keep community safety partners informed, the Kent Community Safety Team would circulate an extraordinary edition of their bulletin outlining the review outcomes.

5.   Ms Brinson (Community Safety Team Leader, KCC) outlined the Kent Community Safety Agreement report and explained that all the actions were in progress and being delivered in collaboration with partners.

6.   Ms Brinson said that the annual strategic assessment process to identify emerging priorities for the forthcoming year was underway and that partnership data was being sourced.  As part of the process, a data workshop was to be held on 6th December to enable some data providers the opportunity to offer some context and highlight any emerging issues and trends.   This information will be used by District Partners to update their strategic assessments and priorities for the next year as well as undertaking the annual review and refresh of the Kent CSA.


RESOLVED that the Kent Community Safety Partnership (KCSP) noted the update.


Meeting: 12/07/2023 - Kent Community Safety Partnership (Item 90)

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1.    Ms S Brinson (Community Safety Team Leader, KCC) gave an overview of the eight priorities within the Community Safety Agreement (CSA) and highlighted that the action plan has been refreshed. The action plan includes the key pieces of work that are being delivered by community safety partners across the county linking in with other multi-agency groups and strategies where possible and includes projects being funded through the Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) Crime Reduction Grant. It is a living document meaning that it can be updated and amended in-year should the need arise.

2.    One priority within the CSA is tackling domestic abuse and includes actions to deliver and coordinate Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) as well as the DHR lessons identified seminars; improve the functionality of the Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse Services website; and produce bitesize videos about the signs of domestic abuse and safety planning. The other priorities are Road Safety; Substance Misuse; Preventing Neighbourhood Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour; Serious Violence and Organised Crime; Safeguarding Vulnerable People; Preventing Extremism and Hate and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) have had their actions refreshed. There was also a miscellaneous category which includes improving the strategic assessment process, producing videos from training sessions, and delivering training on other aspects of the KCSPs work.

3.    Mr S Peerbux (Head of Community Safety, KCC) added that following comments from the Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Committee last year, the action plan regarding safeguarding vulnerable people was also being developed to include a focus on scams.

4.    The Chair thanked officers for the comprehensive report.

5.    A Partnership Member raised a concern regarding the work of the Violence Reduction Unit and the governance aspect over the specified authorities who cover the county, highlighted on page five of the appendix. It was confirmed that the PCC had oversight of the Violence Reduction Unit and the word governance could be replaced with the word oversight.

6.    A Partnership Member commented that the substance misuse priority needed to link in with partners who worked to tackle these crimes, particularly regarding the issue of supply. The Partnership Member asked if the safeguarding vulnerable people priority could liaise with Kent Police regarding the Local Drug Information System (LDIS).

7.    A Partnership Member noted that Kent was the only PREVENT priority area in the Southeast of England, so PREVENT needed to remain a priority for the KCSP and needed to work closely with partners.

8.    The Chair raised the issue of illegal vapes and asked if this would be included within the action plan. Ms Brinson confirmed that illegal vapes were being tackled from a trading standards and public health viewpoint, and the KCSP would continue to share information regarding the new duties surrounding illegal vapes. Ms Mookherjee (Public Health, KCC) added that illegal vaping was an emerging issue in public health and was being linked to the smoking cessation team. Mr Wilkinson (Assistant Director Contest and Serious Organised Crime, KCC) confirmed that illegal vaping also had the potential  ...  view the full minutes text for item 90