Agenda and minutes

Swale Local Engagement Forums
Monday, 30th June, 2008 7.00 pm

Venue: The Alexander Centre, Preston Street, Faversham

Contact: Bill Ronan  07786 191694

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Welcome to the meeting – Mr T Gates, Chairman


Kent County Councillor and Chairman of the Swale Local Board Tom Gates opened the meeting and welcomed attendees.

Kent County Councillors Ferrin; Truelove; and Crowther introduced themselves and the wards they represented.


Community Liaison Manager - Bill Ronan gave a brief health and safety input, including fire regulations, and toilets.




Apologies were received from KCC Councillors:

Angela Harrison; Andrew Bowles; and Brenda Simpson.


Kent Police - Swale Community Safety and Crime Update


Inspector Kevin Swinney gave an update on Swale.


     Significant reduction in crime across Swale

     Detection rates are up.

     A small increase in violent crime (10 cases over last year)

     There have been 300 less victims of crime that at this time last year.

     There has been a 16 % reduction in anti social behaviour rates on the Isle of Sheppey.

     Nuisance and rowdy behaviour has been reduced across Swale. 

     The police take anti social behaviour and nuisance very seriously, and will take appropriate actions to engage and take action.


Citizen Focused Policing

A quarterly survey of Kent Residents has indicated a reduction in the fear of crime, and an increase in confidence in the police.



Marika Sherwood (Kent Police Panel)

The figures in your presentation are reported crimes, what percentage are detected?


Kevin Swinney – About 30% of crime is detected.


Marika Sherwood

In the use of CCTV footage, is it counter productive and a waste of police time to have to sift through many hours of film?


Kevin Swinney – If the crime is serious, we will take as long as is necessary.  The CCTV system in Swale is good.

The perception of nuisance youth is greater than the reality.  There is little evidence to support some complaints that are made. 

A great deal of intervention with young people is carried out through the KCC Youth Service.  This includes centre based, and detached youth workers. Parish Councils can work together to finance additional resource, but there will always be finite resources.  Enforcement is not always the answer.


Mike Henderson – Swale Borough Councillorl; Davington

There is a major crime wave in Davington, which are the seagulls!

Issue of reported crime and perceptions of crime is that it is not worth reporting.  Balance between getting a crime reference number versus other crimes.

Broader figures of Kent wide statistics would assist in putting Swale into context.


Kevin Swinney

It is always worth reporting crime.  The police need the data and intelligence to react and counter crime.  If County-Wide statistics are wanted people can contact Kevin and he will supply.



Jill Kent – Swale Housing Association

Are the 4000 surveyed residents Kent wide?


Kevin Swinney

Yes, although approximately 20% are Swale.


Rev Stephen Wilson

I am responsible for a large church yard.  This area is secluded and amongst the clergy there is a growing concern that these areas are open to vandalism, drug tacking etc.  The expansion of the CCTV system was deemed to be unworkable.


Kevin Swinney

There are known ongoing issues with church yards and areas.  This is being tackled by increased patrols. I do not though want to pretend that a magic wand exists, and I will inform my staff as soon as I can and ensure their support.


Adrian Crowther – Kent County Councillor

Cllr Crowther spoke of the issue of curfews for young people, that recently he observed two young boys out on the streets very late  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


National Year of Reading 2008 - An update from KCC


Gill Bromley presented a PowerPoint presentation (attached).


Community Engagement: Fairbridge - Supporting Inner City Youth


Janeen Allwright and Simon Warr from Fairbridge gave a PowerPoint Presentation (attached).


Community Engagement: Swale Court - Presentation to Local Board


Bill Smith attended from the Carnival Court of Swale.  The Court of Swale came into existence 18 months ago, and tours across Kent.  It is a mobile presentation and exhibition including attendance at the Lord Mayors Show.


The sum of £15,000 needs to be raised, with applications to all grant making bodies in Swale and beyond.  There has been limited success.


The Swale Court represents not just Swale but all of Kent, and invitations to attend have been received from across the country.


Members outlined that the delegated funding they received was limited and demand was high.  Members would consider the application for funding support carefully and would respond in due course.


Bill Smith was warmly thanked for attending.


Proposed Date of Next Meeting - 6th October 2008


The proposed date of the next meeting will be 6th October 2008 in Sittingbourne.