Agenda and minutes

Dover North Neighbourhood Forum - Wednesday, 21st January, 2009 7.00 pm

Venue: St Peter's Hall Aylesham

Contact: Emma Carey  01622 694599

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Welcome: Cllr David Hart (Chair)

1a.       Apologies

1b.       Matters arising and notes from previous meeting

1c.       Any Declarations of Interest



The Chairman welcomed the members of the public, KCC Cllr Keith Ferrin and KCC officers David Barton, Dennis Button, David Gasking, Steve Henson and Mike Smith



Notes of Previous meeting


The Notes of the meetings held on 2 October and 20 November 2008 had been circulated previously, were approved and there were no matters arising.



Kent Highways Services

This is a good opportunity to discuss and comment on local Highways issues. 

The following Officers will be speaking and answering questions:


Dennis Button, Community Delivery Manager

David Barton, Local Transportation & Development Manager

Mike Smith, Local Transportation & Development Manager

David Gasking, Dover Community Liaison Officer

Steve Henson, KHS(Jacobs)


3.1       Question session

  • Are any improvements to the B2046 planned e.g. widening, improving the junction with A2 to reduce congestion, creation of roundabout at entrance to Aylesham, particularly in view of Thanet traffic and Aylesham expansion? 

The developer for the expansion will have to provide acceptable improvements; while Highways cannot ask for a roundabout it could recommend refusal to the Planning Authority (DDC)if the proposed T junction were to be unsuitable.

  • Aylesham roads were not often gritted.  Highways to check whether on primary gritting route and report back.
  • Two-way traffic round Market Square will be catastrophic. Developers proposals are still being examined, they need to prove it will work or could be a ground for refusal.  Evidence is required so letters and photos to be sent to Planning Authority (DDC) e.g. room for bus and lorry to pass without obstructing traffic flow.
  • Suggestion that route from Dorman North, Milner Road, Hyde Road and Cooting Lane be changed to provide a straight one way out for HGVs.  This could be feasible but was not in the developer’s proposal so could not be commented on.
  • Sutton Parish Council received conflicting information regarding a piece of land previously owned by Highways, passed to PC and developed but now disputed by another land owner who moved fence, resulting in loss of walkway which was reason for development.  Deed of Dedication completed in 1960s was not sufficiently precise.  Highways do not respond to letters which is not acceptable when on a safety issue.   Cllr Ferrin undertook to investigate the matter.  
  • Lorries coming into UK fill up all lay-bys on A2, A20 and M20 stopping vehicles pulling in and contributing nothing financially towards congestion, mess and damage.  KCC acknowledged the problem but could not itself take action, central government needed to address the issue. An Operation Stack site was being sought off the M20 which would also provide overnight lorry parking but a twelve month Environmental Assessment had to be completed first. Also investigating overnight lorry parking on the A2 corridor and nearer to M25. Problem was likely to get worse; cost of Operation Stack site would be about £40m and why should Kent have to pay for entry of traffic to all UK. Many lorries landing at Dover had reached end of tachograph time; police could move them on if there was somewhere else for them to go that was free. Police cannot enforce parking charges on lorries.
  • How many road inspections are carried out in Aylesham?  Each defect found generates £250 and utility companies are the main cause with as many as 10 defects in one road.  The utility companies are billed and further details on this issue will be made available.
  • Paving outside the flats on Market Square has subsided; Highways and DDC have both been advised. Believe that land is part Highways and part DDC owned.  David Gasking to investigate and contact Aylesham Parish Council.
  • Eythorne Parish Council: signage off A2 is in the wrong  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Summary of Evening

Feedback on what was discussed and any actions to be taken away from the meeting.