Agenda and minutes

Community Safety and Grant Recommendations, Dover North Neighbourhood Forum - Tuesday, 7th October, 2008 7.00 pm

Venue: Betteshanger Community Centre, Circular Road, Betteshanger, Deal, Kent CT14 0LT

Contact: Emma Carey  01622 694599

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Welcome: Cllr David Hart (Chair)

1a.       Apologies

            1b.       Matters arising and notes from previous meeting

            1c.       Any Declarations of Interest



The Chairman welcomed the members of the public, representatives of the Police and other agencies.



Minutes of the meeting


Notes of the meeting of the DOVER NORTH Neighbourhood Forum held on 7 October 2008 at the Betteshanger Community Centre, Circular Road, Betteshanger at 7.00pm



Parish Councillor       David Hart                              Chairman

DDC Councillors       Steve Manion,

KCC Councillor         Eileen Rowbotham  

Other Councillors and members of the public.


Apologies:  DDC Councillor Bob Thompson.

1.         Chairman’s welcome


The Chairman welcomed the members of the public, representatives of the Police and other agencies.


2.         Notes of Previous meeting

The Notes had been circulated previously and were approved as a correct record. 

·        the planning application for the teen shelter at St. Margaret’s was on-going;

·        Teen Fusion nightclub scheme to be expanded in another location;

·        Chairman had been invited to join the A258 Working Group at which he could raise points from the Forum


3.         Community Safety

3.1   Don Covus – Area Supervisor for KCC Community Safety Unit:

·        increase from 1 warden in 2002 to 9 wardens plus a supervisor at present with Dover having a high proportion;

·        provide visible uniformed presence for public contact in 3 urban and 6 rural areas;

·        warden role covers public welfare and wellbeing, includes all ages and may involve individual visits;

·        police training received in some areas and are linked to Dover Community Safety Unit which provides excellent access to all DDC departments;


In response to questions:  Betteshanger was not covered by Wardens due to limited number; Northbourne’s PCSO had recently changed resulting in a gap in the cover.


Action:  Northbourne Parish Council to be contacted by the Police to introduce new PCSO


3.2   Chief Inspector, Area Commander for Kent Police, Dover:

·        introduced himself as new to the District, based in Dover and with the role of figurehead, budget-holder, and in close liaison with colleagues in the ‘front line’;

·        old idea of a ‘one-stop shop’ now replaced by partnership working,  with Partners And Communities Together (PACT) operating in each Council area and with local ownership;

·        Police power supports Community Wardens.

In response to questions:  enforcement of speed limits in villages achieved by  providing Community Safety Unit with speed indicating device, followed by beat officers with speed guns and motorcycle  teams targeting the area if necessary.    Satnav causes HGVs to use unsuitable lanes but small villages cannot be removed from the system as this would affect response by emergency services.  Specific technology for lorries was being investigated.


Action:  Northbourne to be contacted  regarding assessing the traffic speed problem in the village.


3.3   Christopher Allen, DDC Community Safety Manager:

·        Council’s responsibilities under Crime and Disorder Act involve partnerships between KCC Highways, DDC, Kent Police and Kent Police Authority, Fire & Rescue service, Primary Care Trust and others;

·        aim is to develop a safe community for locals and visitors and remove causes of crime;

·        officer employed specifically to help design safe new developments, e.g. Dover Town Investment Zone,  to reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour;

·        young people are more likely to be victims of crime than the cause of crime;

·        target to reduce crime in the District by 12½  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.