Agenda and draft minutes

Kent Community Safety Partnership - Thursday, 24th March, 2022 10.00 am

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Notes of meeting held on 18 November 2021 pdf icon PDF 228 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2021 were correctly recorded and be signed by the Chairman. 


Kent Community Safety Agreement Review and Refresh pdf icon PDF 389 KB

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1.    Shafick Peerbux introduction the report of the Kent Community Safety Agreement review and refresh and emphasised how wider national and international events have shaped this.  Ms Brinson outlined how the review had been undertaken by considering the outcome of local district/borough strategic assessments, partnership plans, emerging issues and new legislation to identify the proposed County priorities.


2.    Ms Brinson advised that there had been a number of minor changes within the document as outlined in the report and wanted to draw attention to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) being an emerging concern that it is proposed to include this within the Domestic Abuse (DA) priority.  Additionally, it was proposed to rename the cross cutting theme of ‘Response and Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic’ to ‘Response and Recovery from Significant events’ which could impact on Community Safety.  


3.    Ms Brinson responded to questions and there were discussions over whether VAWG and DA should be separated within the agreement rather than including VAWG within the DA workstream.   There was also a suggestion that the ASB priority should reflect prevention of Neighbourhood Crime in accordance with the Police and Crime Plan. 


RESOLVED that the Kent Community Safety Partnership


a) Consider and comment on the proposed changes to the refreshed Kent Community Safety Agreement.


b) Agree the priorities and cross-cutting themes for 2022/23 taking into account the comments about VAWG and DA and Prevention of Neighbourhood Crime.


c) Note the upcoming Scrutiny Committee arrangements. 


Kent Community Safety Partnership Working Group Update pdf icon PDF 397 KB


1.    Mr Peerbux introduced the report and offered his thanks to the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for confirmation that the KCSP would receive Crime Reduction Grant funding of the same level as 2021/2022 for this financial year. However, Mr Peerbux raised concerns on the timescale for providing a business care and requested an extension to this to ensure the involvement of partners and required due diligence; this was accepted and would be considered by the Commissioner’s Chief Executive.


2.    Mr Peerbux advised that spending the 2021/22 CRG funding had been challenging and some proposed projects were unable to commence or be completed, thus resulting in being unable to access the remaining funds in the tactical pot.


3.    Ms Brinson confirmed that the Kent Community Safety Team (KCST) would no longer be co-located but that the team would work in a hybrid manner utilising technology and by coming together at various office locations throughout the year. 


RESOLVED that the KCSP note the progress and actions undertaken by the Working Group and the work of the KCST.


Kent Police and Crime Commissioners response to Mental Health pdf icon PDF 154 KB


1.    Mr Harper gave an update on mental health.  As he had previously reported the PCC had stepped down as the Association of PCCs lead for Mental Health but remained committed to supporting those who were vulnerable as well as reducing mental health demand on Kent Police.  


2. Mr Harper highlighted some key messages from the report including the Police and Crime Plan (PCP) now includes ‘Prevent Road Danger and Support Vision Zero’.   Mental Health is still a significant part of the PCP and referred to table 10 within the report, which showed the number of Section 136 detentions from 2018 to January 2022 detentions had continued to reduce since December 2019.


RESOLVED that the KCSP agree that, in light of the PCC stepping down as the national lead for Mental Health and to align with other strategic meetings, that an annual update on mental health be provided to the KCSP in March of each year (instead of each meeting). 



Kent and Medway Violence Reduction Unit Update pdf icon PDF 311 KB


1.  Mr Powell gave Members an update on the work of the Violence Reduction Unit and the findings from the Strategic Needs Assessment of January 2022 and confirmed that they had been successful in receiving three years funding from the Home Office which allows for more substantial planning.


2.  Mr Powell advised that although we are still waiting on the Serious Violence Duty to be established, the VRU are working with Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to plan for this and have already produced a strategic needs assessment for the County and each CSP which has indicated some positive findings.


3.  In response to a question, Mr Powell confirmed that there was a focus on prevention but that there is an element of support where possible.  Learning would be shared with the Partnership and local boards to ensure the right approaches were being used and the impact was being monitored. 


RESOLVED that the KCSP note the findings of the Strategic Needs Assessment and endorse the priority areas and responses to serious violence.   


Zero Casualty Strategy Update pdf icon PDF 216 KB


1.  Mr McMullan updated Members on the developments towards delivering Kent’s Vision Zero Strategy aimed to reduce road casualties in Kent.  Mr McMullan explained that the internationally recognised Safe System approach which is based on the assumption of human error and aims to reduce the risks associated with the anticipated mistakes, for example through automatic breaking.


2.  Mr McMullan advised that the Kent and Medway Safer Roads Partnership had been developing delivery plans and outlined some of the Vision Zero programme details. 


3.  The Vice-Chairman requested a further update on Vision Zero Strategy in March 2023.   


RESOLVED that the KCSP note the Vision Zero Strategy update and receive a further update in March 2023.   


Date of meetings in 2022

-       14 July 2022

-       17 November 2022

-       March 2023 (TBC)



RESOLVED that the dates of the meeting in 2022 were noted. 


Domestic Homicide Review Update


1.  Mr Peerbux provided an update on the Kent and Medway Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) cases as well as a case briefing on the most recently published cases for Sylvie 2018 and Tamana 2018 which can be found on the website using the link below.


2.  Mr Peerbux confirmed that whilst there is a funding model in place with all statutory partners contributing funding towards DHRs, there is a risk to the model which relates to the cessation of the Kent Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Companies (who previously contributed) and the newly established Probation Service who are now responsible for this; which left a shortfall in funding for this financial year.   The Partnership requested that the Probation Service, as the Statutory Responsible Partner of the CSP to consider the funding arrangements for 2022/23.

RESOLVED that the domestic homicide review update be noted.   


Kent and Medway PREVENT Duty Delivery Update


1. Mr Wilkinson provided an update on the PREVENT Duty Delivery Board and highlighted that the current threat level is ‘Substantial’ meaning an attack is likely.


RESOLVED that the update on the PREVENT Duty Delivery Board be noted.   


Kent and Medway Joint Exploitation Group Update


1. Members received an update on the Kent and Medway Joint Exploitation Group. 


RESOLVED that the update on the Kent and Medway Joint Exploitation Group be noted.