Agenda and draft minutes

Tenterden Forum - Thursday, 6th October, 2011 7.00 pm

Venue: Tenterden Town Hall

Contact: David Geoghegan  07786191667

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Actions from last meeting


  • Parking around Pittlesden: Mr Hill to follow up
  • The reduction in speed limits on the A28: agreed works will take place mid October.
  • Appledore  Parking: Parish meeting on 7 Oct to discuss two new possible sites
  • Rolvenden Parking: most of the time not a major issue but there are now plans to allow parking outside the village hall.


Tenterden Greens


There have been some KHS talks about the maintenance of the greens but there has been no progress; except the grass cutting has been reduced from 14 cuts to just 8 a year.  The greens need levelling and trees cutting back. There are also issues with fallen leaves not being picked up and complaints about the poor quality of the grass cutting.  Mr Hill agreed to write to KHS about these issues and to explore whether Tenterden Town Council could have the budget and take over the maintenance of the greens.  A meeting to coordinate plans for the greens would be useful. Mr Hill also offered to fund extra grass cutting.


Bus Routes


The 12RL bus is now staying as it is. The proposals are that only the 293 bus from Appledore to Tenterden should be stopped. All other routes will only see cuts in the frequency of buses. Appledore residents are unhappy about the proposals and a paper by Frances Smith will be forwarded to the consultation process.


Highways issues - A262/A2009 junction


The planned works for the A262/A2009 were started after High Halden Parish Council received support from their KCC member Richard King for funding to close the Biddenden Road to through traffic. However Biddenden PC have not been consulted. Mr Hill agreed to talk to Richard King and write to Tom Lumpton giving the outcome of his discussions.


Update on detached youth work


KCC is reducing the direct provision of youth work and will in future replace this with commissioning.  The Tenterden youth survey was still under discussion however capital funding of £5, 800 will be given towards taking some of the preferred ideas forward; perhaps a youth coffee shop and extra street lighting at the back of Homewood school. Ian Brooks paper giving an update of services was welcome but it was requested that he let the parishes know what is on offer so that they can promote activities; particularly in their news letters. Ian will be asked to let Appledore have this ASAP and he will be invited to the next meeting.


Other current Issues - Parish updates


Localism: there is a need to keep councillors informed of developments; particularly around the Standards Board and Planning. Where there are planning concerns parish councillors should write to John Bunnett or involve their Borough councillor.


A Boards: KHS can remove boards on their land if they are causing an obstruction. In the first instance a letter from the PC to the appropriate business will often resolve the issues. A particular problem in Appledore will be discussed with KHS.


Biddenden: The 18 October will see the start of their parish plan initiative. Mr Hill agreed to help fund this with a Local Scheme Grant of £3,000.


Kenardington: The grass verges are not being cut properly and when KHS was asked what the poor service was costing the PC was told this is commercially sensitive information.  Mr Hill said he would welcome the time when budgets could be devolved to Town and Parish Councils to do these services.


Wittersham: The adult exercise equipment and half mugger were now installed in Coronation Field; to which Mr Hill would be invited to see. The PC were also applying for a QE11 award for these initiatives.