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Select Committee - Kent's European Relations - Tuesday, 10th December, 2013 9.30 am

Venue: Wantsum Room, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone. View directions

Contact: Denise Fitch  01622 694269

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Election of Chairman


Mr A H T Bowles proposed and Mr G Lymer seconded that Mr A J King.MBE be elected Chairman of the Select Committee.


RESOLVED that Mr A J King, MBE be elected Chairman of the Committee.



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(1)       Mrs Frampton introduced the report that had been circulated with the agenda which set out proposed Terms of Reference, scope and general approach to the review included suggested witnesses either for written or oral evidence.   She also circulated a glossary of common acronyms.  Mrs Frampton explained her role as the independent research officer for the review to the Committee.


(2)       Mr Latchford stated that the undue haste in completing the work of this Select Committee was not supported by the KCC UKIP Group and expressed concern about the time pressures on the Select Committee to complete its work in time to submit their report to County Council in March 2014.  


(3)       The Committee discussed the wording of the terms of reference and in particular the deletion of the word “disbenefit” from the terms of reference on the assessment form which had been considered at the Scrutiny Committee on 12 November 2013 and its replacement with “challenges”.  There was agreement that both words should be included in the terms of reference.


(4)       Mrs Frampton circulated a list of officers that she had met with to date in order to assist her in supporting the Committee in identifying the key issues for this review and assist with the identification of potential witnesses.   The Chairman mentioned that Mr Moys (Head of International Affairs) would be attending meetings of the Select Committee in order assist the Committee with any issues that required clarification.


(5)       In response to a question from Mr Baldock, Mrs Frampton undertook to provide the Committee with a summary of each of her interviews with officers.  A number of Members thanked Mrs Frampton for the amount of work that she had carried out in a short space of time to provide background information for the Committee. 


(6)       Ms Fitch explained to the Committee the background to the Select Committee media protocol which had been circulated with the agenda for Members information.   One of the aims of the protocol was to ensure that there was a clear understanding with the Corporate Communications team of the way in which press enquires on Select Committee matters should be address which was via the Select Committee rather than the Cabinet Member.


(7)       Mrs Frampton circulated a list of possible questions to be sent to those witnesses from whom written evidence would be requested and sought the Committee’s views and approval.  Mr Baldock asked for his objection to be recorded to papers being tabled at the meeting for Members comments and approval.  The Committee discussed the proposed questions for witnesses and made a number of suggestions which were noted by Mrs Frampton and she undertook to circulate the updated version to Members of the Committee with a request that they provide her with any additions within 48 hours.


(8)       The Chairman asked Mr Moys to provide the Committee with a short paper on ongoing European projects on a non-disclosure bases. .


(9)       The Committee discussed the scope of the review and there was general  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.