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Swale Local Engagement Forums (LEFs)


Information about SWALE Local Engagement Forums


Have you got something to say about local issues that affect you? Come along to the Local Engagement Forum.  There are three in Swale covering Faversham; Sheppey; and Sittingbourne. Local Engagement Forums are a partnership between Kent County Council; Swale Borough Council; Kent Association of Local Councils (Parishes); Kent Police; Kent Fire and Rescue; Amicus Horizon; and Swale Council for Voluntary Services.

You don't have to book a place, simply turn up to the meetings.


We publish agendas, reports and notes for each meeting on both the KCC and Swale Borough Council Websites.

Go to Swale Borough Council’s page click here:

Annual Report

The Community Engagement Manager is - Bill Ronan

Community Benefit Grant Funds

Each County Council Member has a delegated budget to support local projects and schemes in their division.  If you would like grant and funding information, please contact the Community Engagement Manager

Sheppey Local Engagement Forum – KCC Representation

Select your KCC Member from the list below to find their contact details.

Roger Truelove

Lee Burgess

Mike Baldock

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