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Update on expenditure to support the Police and Crime Plan


1.    The Commissioner explained that up to the summer he had honoured the funding commitments made by the former Commissioner.  The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) published, via its website, all expenditure over £500.  The Commissioner paid tribute to Safer Kent for their support with administering the Youth Diversion Fund. 


2.    The Commissioner highlighted the work of the Kenward Trust which delivered sessions to young people hosted by a reformed drug addict.  The Commissioner had attended a session and the presenter had had a huge impact on the young people not only demonstrating the effects of drugs on his body and health but on his community from a real life scenario. 


3.    The Commissioner explained a number of the projects set out within the report which had received funding from the OPCC in the last six months. 


4.    The Commissioner was reviewing the funding available to ensure it was achieving value for money. 


5.    The Commissioner was congratulated on the projects set out within the report and for the transparency offered by the OPCC in producing the report outlining how OPCC expenditure was being spent.  The Member asked for a fuller list showing the grants in other areas which were not so high profile. 


POST MEETING NOTE:  A list of all OPCC expenditure (April – October 2016) was circulated to Members of the Panel via email on 22.11.16.


6.    In response to a question about feedback received from community groups the Commissioner explained that all groups in receipt of funding were required to complete monitoring forms to ensure that money had been spent where agreed and the results monitored.  If the funding was not spent it would be returned and the group might not receive funding in the future if there were poor results. 


7.    In response to a question about the importance of role models the Commissioner confirmed that he thought role models to be very important, Kenward Trust had mentors with real life experience of working with young people across Kent and Medway.  Any overlaps found between the groups receiving funding were challenged and lessons learned. 


8.    A Member commended the report but asked how many young people were not being reached by the groups set out within the report.  The Commissioner explained that it was his hope that no part of the county was forgotten, he worked with Kent Youth County Council and Medway Youth Parliament to promote the groups and encouraged direct engagement with young people to ensure the right message was getting out into communities. 


9.    A Member pointed out that acknowledgement had not been given to the OPCC within the sponsorship section on the website of one of the groups, Urban Blue Bus Ltd.  The Commissioner explained that it was a requirement attached to the funding that acknowledgement was given, he was sure it was an oversight but it would be checked.


10. The Chairman suggested that future reports on expenditure could be prepared in consultation with Panel officers, who might suggest particular items to highlight.  The Commissioner agreed to this suggestion. 


RESOLVED that the Panel note the Commissioner’s Update on expenditure to support the Police and Crime Plan and that future reports be prepared in consultation with Panel officers.


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