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Growth, Environment and Transport Performance KPIs 2019/20

To note and comment on the proposed indicators and associated targets.


Richard Fitzgerald (Business Intelligence Manager, Performance, Strategic Business Development & Intelligence) was in attendance for this item.



1.    Mr Fitzgerald introduced the report that set out the proposed indicators that would be reported within the Growth, Environment and Transport Dashboard for 2019/20. Mr Fitzgerald said that an extensive amount of work had been carried out to review the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and associated targets.


2.    Officers responded to comments and questions and follows:


(a)  With regards to the Digital Take-up indicators, Mr Jones informed the Committee that work was on-going to improve public facing IT interfaces to encourage increased usage of the online portals rather than via telecommunication methods. Subject to the approval of Mr Whiting (Cabinet Member for Planning, highways, Transport and Waste) there would also be further campaigns to help promote digital take-up and encourage the public to report faults and/or concerns online. Some of the improvements included enhanced map imagery to make it easier for those reporting potholes etc. to pinpoint the exact location and an improved drop-down list. Mr Jones said that the aspiration of the digital interface was to ensure that all service reporting could be accomplished within five clicks of entering the portal. Mrs Cooper (Corporate Director of Growth, Environment and Transport) paid tribute to Mr Jones and his team who had process mapped all the reporting systems to ensure a LEAN approach which in turn would reduce the customer call-time and letters and increase customer satisfaction rates.


(b)  Mr Jones informed the Committee that KPIs HT01 and HT02 were comparatively lower than the previous years targets due to the exceptional winter conditions experienced which had allowed the highways team to carry out more pothole repairs than initially anticipated. Mr Jones informed Members that weather conditions were likely to fluctuate and therefore the target levels for 2019/20 were still aspirational having taken into account the variable weather conditions. With regards to the reduction of municipal waste converted to energy, the target for 2019/20 was an aspirational target as Kent County Council were working with the district and borough councils to improve recycling rates. Mr Jones highlighted to Members that Kent County Councils waste to landfill target had remained as the lowest in the country and work would continue to minimise that target year-on-year.


(c)  In response to Members queries regarding KPI WM01 and WM02, Mr Whiting agreed to liaise with Mr Jones outside of the meeting to review the proposed target levels.


(d)  Mrs Cooper agreed to bring a report a future Committee that explained how the district collection process impacted on the recycling targets. Mrs Cooper informed Members that the KPIs and Activity Indicators reflected a whole system approach, however, Members needed to remain mindful that not every district had the same recycling process or same ambition.


(e)  Mr Jones said that as a result of the increased budget, the Council was paying less per pothole, less per patch and repair rates were significantly quicker.


3.    RESOLVED that the proposed indicators and associated targets be noted.


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