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Proposal 19/00063 (KCC/CA/0003/2019) - Demolition of existing school buildings and replacement with a part two storey, part three storey teaching block with interlinked Sports Hall together with new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), landscaping and associated ancillary works at Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School, Old Dover Road, Canterbury ; KCC and Kier Construction (Southern)


(1)     Mr I S Chittenden reported the views of Ida Linfield, the Local Member who supported the proposal whilst raising concerns over the Construction Management Plan.


(2)       In agreeing the recommendations of the Head of Planning Applications Group, the Committee specified that the Construction Management Plan needed to include emergency escape routes and arrangements for the handling of asbestos.  It also agreed that plant species suitable for bee pollination should be incorporated within the landscape scheme.


(3)       The Committee added an Informative advising that the applicants should further consider the environmental and economic benefits of solar panels as well as further consideration of the installation of electric charging points.


(4)       RESOLVEDthat:- 


(a)       permission be granted to the proposal subject to conditions, including conditions covering the standard3 yeartime limit; the developmentbeing carried outin accordance with the permitted details; the submissionandapprovalof detailsof all constructionmaterials tobe used externally; theprovisionandpermanentretentionof thevehicleparkingspacesas shownon the  submitted  plans  prior  to  the  occupation  of  the  school  and  their  retention thereafter; the provisionandpermanentretentionof vehicle loading/unloadingand turning facilities,as shownin thesubmittedplans,priortothe occupation ofthe new buildings; theprovisionandpermanentretentionof secure,coveredcycleparkingfacilities priortotheoccupationof thebuilding,inaccordance withdetails tobe submittedand approved bythe County PlanningAuthority; the  submission  of  a  detailed  review  of  the  School  Travel  Plan  incorporating measures to encourage sustainable transport; theimplementationof thesubmittedConstructionManagementPlan, including emergency escape routes for pupils and arrangements for the handling of asbestos fortheduration ofthe constructionactivitieson site; worksonlybeing carriedouton sitebetweenthehoursof 0800to1800 om MondaystoFridays,0900to1300on Saturdays, withno operationson Sundaysor publicholidays; the submission and approval of a detailed surface waterdrainage scheme; the submissionof averificationreportcoveringthisschemeforapprovedby theLead Local FloodAuthority; noinfiltrationof surfacewaterdrainageintotheground taking place other thanwiththewritten approvalof theCountyPlanningAuthorityand such infiltrationonlybeing usedinthoseareas where there would beno unacceptable riskto controlled watersor ground stability; the developmentnotcommencinguntila schemetoconnectthebuildingtofoul and  surface  water  drainage  systems  has  been  submitted  and  approved  bythe County PlanningAuthority; theLandscapeschemeset outintheLandscapeSubmissionbeing implemented, including plant species suitable for bee pollination, within  the  first  available  planting  season  once  the  development  is occupied; the replacement of any plantsor trees thatdie within the first5 years; nodevelopmenttaking placeuntiltheapplicanthassecuredtheimplementation ofa programme ofarchaeological workin accordance with awrittenspecificationand timetable to beapproved in writingby the County PlanningAuthority; nodemolitionof theoriginalschooltakingplaceuntilan HistoricBuildingRecord (basicphotographicsurvey)has been made to record the building forsocial and communal interest; the submission,priortothecommencementof development, of aBiodiversityMethod Statementfortheprotectionof badgers  andhedgehogsforapprovalby the County PlanningAuthority;  the submissionof abatandbadgersensitivelightingschemefor approvalby the County PlanningAuthority; thesubmissionof anEcologicalDesignStrategypriorto the commencementof the development for approvalby theCounty PlanningAuthority,relatingto the retentionandprotectionof existinghabitats, the creation ofsemi-natural habitatsand ecological enhancementmeasures; thesubmission for approvalof aLandscapeand EcologyManagementPlantocovertheongoing maintenanceof thelandscape and ecological areas; no developmentcommencinguntila remediationstrategy to dealwithrisks associatedwithcontaminationof thesitehasbeensubmittedtotheCounty Planning Authorityand approved in writing; nooccupationof thenewbuilding taking place untila verificationreporthasbeensubmittedand approvedinwritingby theCountyPlanningAuthority, demonstratingthe completionand effectiveness of the remediation works; nofurtherdevelopmenttakingplaceuntila remediationstrategy hasbeen agreed with the County PlanningAuthority in the event thatcontaminationnotpreviouslyidentifiedisfoundtobe present; and nopilingor penetrative foundationmethods being used on site without the priorwritten consentof the County PlanningAuthority; and


(b)       the applicants be advised by Informative that:-


(i)           they need to ensurethatallnecessaryhighwayapprovalsandconsentsare obtained;


(ii)          they need toensure thatworks to treesare carried outoutside ofthe breedingbird season and, if thisis notpossible, thatan ecologistexamines the site priortoworkscommencing;


(iii)         the Environment Agency refers the applicant to theguidance document Piling and Penetrative Ground Improvement Methods on Land Affected by Contamination: Guidance on Pollution Prevention;


(iv)         theEnvironment Agencyadvisesthatthereshouldbe nosurfacewaterdischargeby SuDSon land impacted bycontamination or on land previously identified as beingcontaminated;


(v)          contaminated soil that either is or must be disposed of, is waste, and thatits handling,transport,treatmentanddisposal is subjecttowaste management legislation; and


(vi)         they should give further consideration as part of the detailed design to installing photovoltaic panels  on the roof of the building to enhance its energy efficiency, and should further consider the potential for electric charging points.



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