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Annual Workforce Profile - update


(1)          Mr Royel introduced the Annual Workforce Profile report which had been updated since it had been presented to members of Personnel Committee at a briefing in June 2020. It provided information on the changes in staffing levels, demographics, and the diversity of Kent County Council’s workforce in the six-month period ending 30 September 2020. He reminded Members that the update for the full year 2020/21 would be submitted to the June 2021 meeting of the committee.


(2)       Mr Royel replied to questions of detail and noted comments which included the following:


·         Mr Royel said the number of staff working from home had increased since March 2020, However, there was no indication within the six month figures of a change in the types of sickness being reported.   He undertook to provide some trend information relating to sickness absence and share that with Committee Members.

·         Mr Royel clarified that staff from GEN 2 had transferred back to KCC.

·         In relation to the small number of people made redundant during this period, Mr Royel stated that they had been provided with the best support possible to help them find alternative work inside and outside of KCC.

·         Regarding the reasons listed for staff resignations, Mr Royel stated that to the best of his knowledge this was the list of options available to be selected when managers entered an individual’s leaving details.

·         The increase in the number of staff moving from part time to full time roles was seen as an indication of better utilisation of existing talented staff. It also reduced recruitment costs.


(3)       RESOLVED that the report be noted.


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