Agenda item

Quarterly Performance Report, Quarter 4, 2020/21


Rachel Kennard, Chief Analyst was in attendance for this item.


1)    Rachel Kennard outlined the report for Quarter 4 with results of 35 key performance indicators (KPIs) from January up to the end of March 2021.  KPIs were rated red, amber or green based on the most recent performance against targets.  Overall, the position was positive despite the ongoing challenges presented in the first 3 months of 2021. In this Quarter, 2 more KPIs were rated green than in Quarter 3. 22 of the KPIs were ‘RAG’ rated as green, 10 rated as amber and 3 performing below target rated as red.


2)    The 3 areas that had been ‘RAG’ rated as red were:


·       The KPI under Economic Development and Communities, ‘Developer Contributions secured as a percentage of the amount sought’ had been affected by one large project.


·       There had been an improvement for the KPI under Children, Young People and Education, ‘ECHPs issued within 20 weeks’ as an outside contractor was working on the backlog.


·       Under Public Health, the number of eligible people receiving an NHS Health Check had been affected by the pandemic as the programme was halted due to national guidance and whilst it had been resumed in Quarter 2, a new target was proposed for 2021-22 which would take into account the reduced delivery from GPs.


3)    The KPI relating to complaints handled within agreed timescales had improved and was ‘RAG-rated’ amber for Quarter 4.


4)    Further positive points from the report were noted:


·       The website had continued to be very popular in terms of visitor numbers and more transactions were taking place online.

·       Greenhouse gas emissions for the KCC estate had continued on a downward trend and were ahead of target.

·       The proportion of KCC clients in residential nursing care where the CQC rating was ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ had increased and this was ahead of target.

·       In Public Health, the number of mandated universal checks delivered by the health visiting service had continued to increase.


5)    It was proposed to make changes to the KPIs for the next financial year, 2021-22:


  • In Environment and Transportation, the greenhouse gas emissions target was to be replaced with a target designed to measure progress towards Net Zero by 2030, covering KCC and traded companies as well as the KCC estate.
  • In Education and Early Help, the target relating to ECHP timescales was to be increased to 60%.
  • In Integrated Children’s Services, the KPIs were to be streamlined so targets relating to the percentage of ‘front door’ contacts where the final decision was made within 3 working days and percentage of children in care with 3 or more placements in the last 12 months were to be removed.
  • In Public Health, new targets were proposed for NHS Health Checks which were to take into account reduced delivery from GP surgeries.


6)    Miss Carey said the target relating to emissions was being re-based taking into account more factors and to be consistent with the way targets were measured nationally. The long term target of Net Zero was clear and it was important for Kent that it was met.


7)    Ms Kennard advised that the previous emissions target would be linked to the new target meaning that progress could be tracked and would show the journey that KCC had taken.


8)    Resolved that the Quarterly Performance Report – Quarter 4 be noted.


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