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COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan


(1)          James Williams presented the report which provided an update on steps taken to mitigate rising cases of COVID-19 across both Kent and Medway as it relates to the Local Outbreak Management Plan (LOMP). In addition, he said that, as expected, the infection rates had increased as the country moved into stage 4 of the COVID-19 Plan.  The rate of infection  in Medway was at 223 per 100,000 of the population, the rate in Kent was 231 per 100,000, while the rate was 259 per 100,000 in the South-East and 308 per 100,000 nationally.  Mr Williams outlined the requirements on local authorities arising from the publication of the Winter Plan including the continuing requirement to isolate following a positive PCR test, the retention of the ability of local authorities to restrict local events which posed a risk to the public and the restrictions imposed on international travellers returning to the UK.  He suggested that the Board received a paper at a future meeting setting out the totality of those changes.  He said changes to the LOMP had to be made by 4 October and would reflect the extension of the pharmacy-collect programme to the end of December, the continuation of symptom-free testing and the new requirement that Covid-19 tests be booked in advance.  He said the learning from the Open Golf at Royal St George’s in Sandwich had been shared widely and that some of that learning had been used by the organisers of the recent Victorious Festival in Portsmouth.   Mr Williams concluded by saying that Kent and Medway had the highest rate of vaccine uptake among diverse communities in the South-East and that its mobile vaccination centres and models of outreach had been well received.


(2)          In response to questions about the vaccination programme for care home residents and staff, it was confirmed that there had been significant engagement with care home providers registered with the Care Quality Commission and that there was no reason to think the vaccine programme would not be a success.  Mr Williams undertook to provide further information about the impact of the requirement for care workers to be vaccinated on the availability of care workers.  Mrs Duggal said that 96% of residents in care homes in Kent had received one dose of the vaccination, 93% had received two doses, while 90% of permanent staff had received one dose and 82% had received both doses.  The data also indicated that 76% of agency staff had received one dose and 46% had received both.  It was also confirmed that those who had not yet been vaccinated could still come forward for vaccination.  Mrs Tinniswood said that all hospitals in Kent and Medway had a number of patients who could not be discharged because care packages were not available. In response to a question about the impact of self-isolation on the retail sector, it was confirmed that there was a legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive PCR test, being contacted by NHS track and trace, or when displaying symptoms of Covid-19.  Environmental Health teams had enforcement powers and there was strong engagement between district council teams and local businesses. 


(3)          RESOLVED to:

(a)          note the update report;


(b)               note that no questions had been submitted by members of the public on the LOMP Plan.

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