Agenda item

Verbal Updates by Cabinet Member and Corporate Director


1.    The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health, Mrs Clair Bell, gave a verbal update on the following:


(a)  A hot weather warning had been announced for the week of 11 July 2022 which had led to advice from the Kent Public Health Team to help vulnerable residents stay safe and well.   On 12 July 2022 an amber warning for extreme heat for 17 and 18 July 2022 was issued, and the accumulative effect of the heat was expected to bring widespread impact on people and infrastructure. 


(b)  The Council buildings on the Isle of Sheppey had been closed due to Southern Water supply issues.  Mrs Bell had received assurances that Blackburn Lodge, the Council’s care home on the Isle of Sheppey, and other care homes on the island had a supply of water.


(c)  The Kent Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment had recently been circulated to Members and included a short questionnaire for feedback.  The assessment was used by NHS England in the consideration of new pharmacy applications and helped to inform the Integrated Care Board and the public health teams of the current provision of pharmacy services.  The consultation would be open until 21 August 2022.


(d)  Carers’ Week took place from 6 June to 12 June 2022 and provided an opportunity for everyone to recognise and appreciate the county’s carers, and support them to get the practical, financial, and emotional help they needed.


(e)  Following the decision made on the Council’s Supported Bus Funding Review the Kent Karrier service was to be retained and would be funded in future years from several external sources.


2.    The Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health, Mr Richard Smith, then gave a verbal update on the following: 


(a)  The Adult Social Care and Health directorate restructure consultation process had been launched on 12 July 2022.  Mr Smith said an assurance process for the adult social care reform was underway and following active engagement with the workforce, the Social Work Practice Framework and the Quality Assurance Framework had been launched giving the Council’s practitioners the tools to ensure sufficient quality and provision was provided.  The Carers Strategy and Adult Social Care Strategy - Making a Difference Everyday - had also been launched internally and fundamental changes to the current structure was required to deliver on those areas.  Mr Smith said he would be happy to discuss the restructure further with Members outside of the meeting.


(b)  Regrettably, the Adult Social Care Cabinet Committee Away Day on 8 July 2022 had been cancelled due to the rise in Covid-19 infection rates.


(c)  The Kent and Medway Integrated Care System was established on 1 July and the Integrated Care Partnership would develop an Integrated Care Strategy setting out how the health and care needs of people in Kent and Medway would be met.


(d)  Mr Smith had the pleasure of a tour round the Gurdwara temple in Gravesham and spoke with Sikh elders about what they would like to see in their communities and how the Council could work in partnership with the voluntary sector to provide support.


RESOLVED that the verbal updates be noted.