Agenda item

23/00046 Designated Key Worker Grant


Christy Holden, Head of Strategic Commissioning and Emma Hanson, Senior Commissioning Manager were in attendance for this item.


1) Mrs Hamilton and Mr Jeffrey declared an interest in this item.


2) Mrs Chandler and Ms Holden introduced the report.  Ms Holden advised that recommendation C, detailed in the report, required an amendment to remove the reference to a ‘direct award contract’, as it would not be required as part of the decision.  The proposed record of decision would also be amended pending the formal decision.


3) Further to questions and comments from Members, it was noted that:

·       There were sufficient funds available to support the programme in its current form.

·       All of the 18 to 25 year olds categorised as red or amber in Table 1 of the Keyworking Q3 Progress Report, would have a key worker by the end of the year.


4) RESOLVED to agree the recommendations as outlined in the report, subject to the amendment to recommendation C removing the refence to a ‘direct award contract’.


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