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Social Fund Localisation - 12/01939

07/12/2012 - Social Fund Localisation - 12/01939

As Cabinet Member for Customer & Communities, I agree that a one-year Kent-wide pilot scheme be established to test out how KCC should employ the devolved funding from Government previously used to deliver Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans.  The pilot scheme will test the demands on a local discretionary social fund and the various mechanisms needed to deliver it in order that a full Kent scheme can be developed to meet the needs of the area. 


The Customer & Communities Directorate will be responsible for the pilot scheme with effect from

1 April 2013 and the funding devolved for the scheme will be ring-fenced for the scheme for the initial two years (2013-14 and 2014-15) that the funding levels from Government are known.


I hereby delegate authority to the Corporate Director of Customer and Communities to agree (in consultation with me) the details of the pilot scheme (within the parameters outlined in section 7 of the 14.11.12 Cabinet Committee report) including determining and appointing those organisations and companies commissioned to provide goods and servicers as part of the scheme.