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Local Transport Strategies - Approval - Various.

06/07/2015 - Local Transport Strategies - Approval - Various. Current decision: Canterbury LTS

The Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport has agreed to:


1.    Endorse the principles of the Canterbury District Transport Strategy, namely:

a)    That the car will be the primary mode of travel for the foreseeable future.

b)     That significant investment in highway capacity will be funded largely by development. Where this is the case, Canterbury City Council and the developers must be legally bound to fund the necessary infrastructure at no cost to the public purse and before the development begins.

c)    That to ensure that new additional capacity is not simply backfilled with additional traffic; the balanced approach of the draft strategy will absorb the increase in the demand to travel by increasing walking, cycling, public transport and home working.


2.    Confirm that the County Council does not support reduction in City Centre parking and welcomes assurances received from the City Council that these will not be pursued without evidence of public support and adequate supply remaining.