Issue - decisions

Lorry Park Network (Phase 1)

07/10/2014 - Lorry Park Network (Phase 1)

AsCabinet MemberforEnvironmentandTransport Iagreethat:


a)     theCouncil'sprevious proposalto addresstheimpactsofOperationStackthroughthe constructionof one largescalelorryparkat Aldingtonas setout in "GrowthwithoutGridlock" (December 2010)isnot pursued;

b)     thesite off theM20 Junction11 atWestenhangeristhepreferredlocationfor the construction of alorryparkas the firstphase ofthe delivery ofa network oflorryparks across Kent;

c)     schemedevelopmentwork to takeforwardthe delivery ofthispreferred sitebe progressed immediatelyinconjunctionwithKCC Property andInfrastructureGroupincludingnecessary officeror memberdecisions,dependent on theparticulargovernancerequirements, regarding landacquisitionand securingplanningconsentfor the project;

d)    twostrandsof work,one on HGVparkingenforcement  andthe otheron HGVsigningin the eventof OperationStack beingcalled, beprogressed inparallelwith the developmentwork to deliverthefirstlorry park,and;

e)    considerationof progressinga second lorryparksite aspartof thenetworkof sites across thecounty witha view to deliveringthis second lorrypark withinthe next5-6 yearsis brought back toCabinet Committeeat theappropriate time.