Issue - decisions

Older Persons' Residential Contract re-let (Pricing)

17/07/2014 - Older Persons' Residential Contract re-let

As Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health, I:


1)    Agree the recommendations contained in the recommendation report and [exempt] appendix and confirm the new guide prices for these categories of care. The new guide prices are as follows:

·         Area 1 and 2 Residential (medium needs) £352.18

·         Area 1 EMI Residential (high needs) £408.48

·         Area 2 EMI Residential (high needs) £440.30


2)    Delegate to the Corporate Director of Social Care, Health and Wellbeing, or other suitable nominated officer, responsibility to take all steps that are necessary to implement the decision.


Having reviewed the report and the data and analysis provided, I support the recommendations to apply a varied increased to the current guide prices for these different categories of care.


In accordance with our requirements under the Local Authority Circular (2004)20, this process has allowed us to robustly consider the actual costs of care and enabled us to apply an increase, where appropriate to our current guide prices.


Application of these guide prices will form part of stage 2 of the tender process and facilitate a new contract to commence from 6th October 2014.