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Gravesend Transport Quarter Phase 3 - Rathmore Road Link, Gravesend

23/09/2014 - Gravesend Transport Quarter Phase 3 - Rathmore Road Link, Gravesend

As CabinetMemberforEnvironment& Transport Iapprove:


i)       theoutline design scheme  forGravesendTransportQuarter  Phase 3 – RathmoreRoad Link shownon Drawing No. 4300015/000/001Rev2 for developmentcontrol and landchargedisclosures; andsubject  toplanningconsent:

ii)       the publicationof aCompulsoryPurchase Order,any otherstatutory  approvalsand anyother necessarylegal rightsor consents  requiredfor the scheme  shownin principle  on DrawingNo. 4300015/000/001Rev2 subject  toanysubstantive amendmentsarising fromthe detaileddesign being approved by the CorporateDirectorof Growth,  Environment& Transport;

iii)      theadvance  voluntaryacquisition ofNo. 15DarnleyRoad thatis affected  bythe scheme  on terms tobe agreed  with theDirector ofProperty;

iv)      the voluntaryacquisitionof Gravesham BoroughCouncilcar park landthatis affected  bythe schemeon terms tobe agreed  withthe Directorof Property;

v)       theenteringintoa fundingagreementforfinancial  support  through  theSouthEastLocal EnterprisePartnership LocalGrowth Fund,andothersuchfundingagreementsas requiredfor the deliveryof the scheme, subject  tothe approvalof the Corporate Director of Finance  &Procurement; and

vi)     theenteringintoconstructioncontracts as necessary for thedeliveryof the scheme  subjectto the approvalof procurementstrategy  bythe ProcurementBoard.