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16/00114 Proposal to expand Palmarsh Primary School, St Georges Place, Hythe CT21 6NE

25/01/2017 - 16/00114 Proposal to expand Palmarsh Primary School, St Georges Place, Hythe CT21 6NE

As Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform I agree to:


a)    Authorise the Corporate Director - Education and Young People's Services to issue Public Notice to expand Palmarsh Primary School to 1FE, with a published admissions number of 30 from September 2018 (subject to planning permission being granted);


b)    Allocate £2.2m from the Education and Young People’s Service Capital budget;


c)    Authorise the Director of Property and Infrastructure Support in consultation  with the Director of Governance and Law to enter into any necessary contracts/ agreements on behalf of the County Council; and


d)    Authorise the Director of Property and Infrastructure Support to be the nominated Authority Representative within the relevant agreements and to enter into variations as envisaged under the contracts. Variations to contract value to be no more than 10% above the capital funding agreed by the Cabinet Member without requiring a new Record Of Decision.


Should objections, not already considered by me when taking this decision, be received during the public notice period a separate decision will be required in order to continue the proposal and allow for a proper consideration of the points raised.



Reason(s) for decision:

The Commissioning Plan for Education Provision in Kent (2016-20) sets out the intention to commission additional school places in the Hythe area of Shepway.  The Plan also mentioned a specific need to expand Palmarsh School by up to 1 FE.  


In reaching this decision I have taken into account:


  • The need for extra school places required in Hythe as the 1050 house are built in the Martello Lakes development.
  • The views expressed by those attending the public consultation meeting on 19 September 2016, and those put in writing in response to the consultation;
  • The views of the local County Councillor, Area Education Officer; Headteacher and Governing Body of Palmarsh Primary School;
  • The Equalities Impact Assessment and comments received regarding this; and
  • the views of the Education and Young People’s Services Cabinet Committee which are set out below


Financial Implications

a)    Capital – The enlargement of the School requires the provision of additional classrooms, as well as ancillary facilities in preparation for further development.  The total estimated cost of the expansion is likely to be in the region of£2.2m.


b)     Revenue - The School will receive increased funding through the Delegated Budget.  The rising roles will be protected in line with KCC Growth Funding Policy. Revenue funding will also be allocated to enable the School to resource each new classroom as they come on line. At present that is at a value of £6,000 per classroom.


c)    Human – The School will appoint additional staff as required, as the School size increases and the need arises.