Issue - decisions

20/00010 - Transport for South East (TfSE) - Proposal to Government

10/07/2020 - 20/00010 - Transport for South East (TfSE) - Proposal to Government

As Leader of the Council, in accordance with Section 19.2 of the Council’s Constitution, I agree to:


  1. Consent to Transport for the South East’s Proposal to Government for powers in addition to the general powers of a Sub-national Transport Body and endorse the Transport Strategy for the South East as part of this proposal.
  2. Participate in, and cooperate with, Transport for the South East in accordance with the powers requested from Government and those powers operating concurrently with Kent County Council as Highway Authority and Local Transport Authority.


And delegate authority to the Corporate Director of Growth, Environment and Transport, in consultation with the Leader and Monitoring Officer, to enter into relevant legal agreements and take other appropriate actions as necessary to implement the decision.