Issue - decisions

21/00004 A229 Loose Road Corridor Junction Improvements

08/02/2021 - 21/00004 A229 Loose Road Corridor Junction Improvements

As Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport I give:


i)               Approval to undertake the design and surveys for the schemes, including development control and land charge disclosures,

ii)              Approval to progress all statutory approvals or consents required for the schemes,

iii)            Approval to enter into land agreements with third parties as necessary,

iv)            Approval to enter into construction contracts as necessary for the delivery of the scheme subject to the approval of the recommended procurement strategy, and

v)             Approval to undertake engagement with all relevant stakeholders as identified in the communication plan.

vi)            Approval for any further decisions required to allow the schemes to proceed through to delivery to be taken by the Corporate Director of Growth, Environment & Transport under the Officer Scheme of Delegations following prior consultation with the Cabinet Member.