Issue - decisions

21/00003 Market Square, Dover

08/02/2021 - 21/00003 Market Square, Dover

As Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport, I give


i)               Approval to enter into legal agreements with Dover District Council to undertake the delivery of the Infrastructure Works at no cost or risk to the County Council.

ii)              Approval for KCC officers to project manage, input into the delivery and supervision of the project, with the cost of all staff and consultant time being recoverable against the project funding.

iii)            Approval to complete the detailed design for the project. This work will be undertaken by a design consultant appointed through the Medway Professional Services Framework Contract.

iv)            Approval to progress all consents required for the scheme including Traffic Regulation Orders.

v)             Approval to enter into a construction contract through an external competitive tender.

vi)            Approval for any further decisions required to allow the scheme to proceed through to delivery to be taken by the Corporate Director of Growth, Environment & Transport under the Officer Scheme of Delegations following prior consultation with the Cabinet Member