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21/00030 - Inland Border Facility - White Cliffs

19/03/2021 - 21/00030 - Inland Border Facility - White Cliffs


As Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport, I agree to approve the acceptance of the Section 31 Grant award from the Department for Transport (DfT) to procure and manage the Inland Border Facility and Border Control Post works at White Cliffs, Dover.


This approval includes agreement to:


a) AGREE to accept the Grants under the terms and conditions required by Government;


b) APPROVE the management and delivery of the necessary site works, including on site facilities as detailed in this report;


c)  CONFIRM that the projects will be delivered via KCC contractual arrangements that allow for the delivery of Highway Improvement Schemes in support of traffic management plans; and


d) DELEGATE authority to the Corporate Director for Growth, Environment and Transport to, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport and the Leader, take any necessary actions to implement this decision, including but not limited to entering into relevant legal agreements and authorising spend from Grant monies.