Issue - decisions

21/00014 - Chilmington Green Secondary Provision - Ashford (updated)

19/03/2021 - 21/00014 - Chilmington Green Secondary Provision - Ashford (updated)

As Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, I agree to:


(a)      Transfer developer contributions from the Chilmington Green development relating to the secondary school, amounting to £22,500,000, to the Department for Education, as and when received, if the School is delivered via the DfE ‘Wave’ programme;

(b)      Approve up to £3,100,000 from the Children, Young People and Education capital budget to provide the access and service infrastructure required to provide a serviced school site; and

(c)      Delegate authority to the Director of Infrastructure to take necessary actions, including but not limited to entering into necessary contracts or taking other legal actions as required to implement the decision, in consultation with the Director of Education and the General Counsel.