Issue - decisions

21/00065 - Bath Street - Fastrack Infrastructure Scheme

12/08/2021 - 21/00065 - Bath Street - Fastrack Infrastructure Scheme

As Cabinet Member for Highways & Transportation, I agree to:


      i.        Formal ratification of funding agreement with EDC following the approval of the Corporate Director of Finance, Corporate & Strategic Services

    ii.        Approval to undertake the detailed design and surveys for the Bath Street Scheme.

   iii.        Approval to progress all statutory approvals or consents required for the scheme, including any transfer of land and rights;

   iv.        Approval to carry out any additional consultation required for the scheme;

    v.        Approval to enter into construction contracts as necessary for the delivery and future maintenance of the scheme subject to a review of the procurement strategy by the Capital Officer Group;

   vi.        Approval for any further decisions required to allow the scheme to proceed through to delivery to be taken by the Corporate Director of Growth, Environment & Transport under the Officer Scheme of Delegations following prior consultation with the Cabinet Member.