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Britannia Lane & Chart Road (Ashford) Safety Improvements

We the undersigned petition the council to urgently review the safety of Britannia Lane and Chart Road. In particular, we ask the Council to consider the following points outlined below:

1) Where the footpath crosses Britannia Lane adjacent to the Pillbox. This crossing is used by a huge number of school children every day travelling from the John Wallis Academy to Knights Park. A proper signal controlled crossing is needed here to keep our children safe.
2) At the junction of Millbank Road as it joins Britannia Lane, opposite Imagine Play centre - yellow lines are needed at this junction to stop people parking on the junction. 3) Outside Imagine playcentre, a triangle warning sign of "children" similar to that used for playgrounds and schools should be installed.
4) A proper crossing to be installed across Britannia Lane sited between Millbank Road and The Haven with zig zag road markings to protect the crossing visibility.
5) At the junction of The Haven and Britannia Lane - yellow lines are needed here to stop people parking on the junction.
6) Reduction of the speed limit on Chart Road between the bottom of Britannia Lane and the top of Long Length. This is currently a national speed limit which is totally unsuitable for a residential area.
7) Provision of a pedestrian footpath along the same section of Chart Road to enable school children from Chartfields to safety walk to the John Wallis Academy.

The UK Crashmap data shows that there have been 7 accidents in Britannia Lane / Chart Road area in the past 5 years. One of those accidents was serious.
Currently, this route is a known 'rat run' by speeding cars not helped by the national speed limit section at Chart Road.
This dangerous road is crossed by children accessing the John Wallis Academy, Imagine Playcentre and a local playpark too.
The volume of traffic expected to increase with the building of the South Ashford Garden Community; the residents refuse to wait for a fatality to occur before action is taken.
We urge Kent County Council to listen to our concerns and take urgent action.

This ePetition ran from 06/11/2019 to 31/12/2019 and has now finished.

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