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Scrap traffic restrictions and enforcement on Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells (Public Realm 2), with immediate effect.

We the undersigned petition the council to 1. Remove signage associated with the scheme and allow all traffic to flow freely along Mount Pleasant (Public Realm 2). 2. Waive fines imposed to date

1. The restrictions on Mount Pleasant between Monson and Church/Crescent Roads fail to meet its published intentions (greener and more prosperous town centre). Similar volumes of traffic are forced onto alternative and narrower residential town centre roads and their junctions (Calverley, Crescent, Church), increasing noise and air pollution, congestion and compromising pedestrian safety on those roads.

2. Buses and taxis are not able to be restricted in using Mount Pleasant, preventing full implementation of improved pedestrian enjoyment. The widened pavements and reduced carriageways have already achieved this aim in this regard.

3. Residents (and other users) of feeder (Dudley, York) roads are forced to undertake unnecessarily lengthy and timeous routes, to secure parking near their homes, counter to the greener intent.

4. Inadequate signage on feeder roads of (3) above and Monson Road, disallowing drivers to choose alternative routes before being committed to observe the Mount Pleasant restrictions.

5. Inadequate signage forcing drivers to undertake u-turns at a pedestrian crossing point on Monson Road, compromising pedestrian safety.

6. Confusing signage leading to unwitting lack of compliance with the traffic restrictions.

7. To avoid restrictions, Dudley/York Roads being used as a short-cut to access Camden Road, increasing the traffic flow on the feeder roads of above.

8. Newton Road residents enduring higher volumes of traffic as drivers try to avoid the u-turn on Monson Road.

This ePetition ran from 02/05/2023 to 15/08/2023 and has now finished.

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